Sunday, 23 December 2018

Doctor Who Biscornu

I'm really happy to say that after way too long this project is finally done. I started this project a long time ago and it is great to say it is finished in the stitching as well as finished and up being displayed. I love it when I actually manage to get a finish made up sooner rather than later.

It's been a long journey to finish this biscornu, mainly because once I finished the front the motivation to finish the back had left me. But I presevered and managed to actually finish it. It helped that this project was really easy to carry with me to and from uni on my bike. Only two colours!

 I used different colours than the pattern stated because I wanted to use what I had rather than getting more. I used DMC 803 for the dark blue and DMC 794 for the light blue. 

Looking through my blog posts I can see I started this in October 2015. It has been a while and I am hoping that in time I will stop having such a long gap between small starts and finishes. My BAPs will always take a long time but the smalls shouldn't be as long. 

It is now hanging on my bedroom door but we shall see if it stays that way, if it gets in the way of closing the door it will have to move somewhere else. I have one more finish to show you when I can get photos.... we shall see when that is.

I'm on holidays for 2 weeks, so I hope to get more stitching and to share a lot of older projects that I didn't manage to show you, because time got in the way. So keep an eye out for many posts over the coming weeks.

Happy Stitching, 

Friday, 14 December 2018

Friday Finds 2

Ohk I did say I'd make this a series and after seeing this video I just had to share with all of you.

We are all crafters here (well not all but it is often one of the reasons why people follow my blog) and I am constantly fascinated by this lady's videos. She does thrifted transformations. Meaning she takes something she buys at a thrift store and turns it into a beautiful and trendy outfit that she feels comfortable wearing. If only I could manage that with anything near her abilities!

One day I will actually try this with some clothes. She is very talented.

Happy Stitching,

Monday, 10 December 2018

Just Strong

As you guys know this last year I have been really focusing on my fitness and getting stronger and fitter and generally more able to do what I want when I want to. I have absolutely fallen in love with obstacle courses and just general fitness. I know I'm happier when I take the time to get out and actively do something.

That is why when this opportunity came up it was hard to resist. I have become a brand ambassador for the company just strong. If you click this link here you will be sent to their store and it will automatically apply the 10% discount code for you. It is an affiliate link so I do get a commission if you buy from them but you also receive a discount so.... if it interests you then please support me.

 I have always been picky about what brands I choose to support here on my blog, and I want to explain some more about why I feel that this brand is worth supporting.

Since I can remember I was always given the impression that women can't be strong. That they can't have muscles and they don't have the abilities that men do. It was never implicitly stated to me but the women that surrounded me gave me that impression. Although my mum is amazing and used to be really fit most of my memories as I was growing up were of her struggling with her weight and fitness. Then through high school I had an innate fitness that managed to get me through the down times but even by grade 12 I was finding I didn't have the fitness to keep pushing through everything. I was finding that I would play softball for 6 months of the year, and get decently fit by the end of the season, then spend 6 months doing nothing only to have to start all over again. This cycle has continued for the last 10 years of my life.

Mud anyone?

I like exercise, actually I LOVE exercise but I am one of those people who generally likes to exercise with others more often than not. About this time last year I decided that enough was enough and I needed to change right NOW or I would end up unable to move at all. I found an ad on facebook and joined a bootcamp. Since then I haven't looked back. I've done 3 obstacle courses (exhibit A above :D) and am looking to do more. I joined back up with a softball team and generally just find I function better when I'm moving and doing. So I strongly believe in the power of exercise both for my mental health and for my body.

That leads us to this company. Here is a quote directly from their website.

The squat is the perfect analogy for life - it's about standing back up after something heavy gets you down and what better way to present this analogy by using it in our branding. We are here to empower and motivate strong women from every walk of life.

We want you to never give up and to stay strong physically and mentally. Just like the squat, our clothing is a symbol of standing back up, fighting against any resistance life throws at you and becoming stronger. This is the idea of where our company was born. Motivate strong women to overcome their adversaries and embrace their strength, no matter the source.

If this isn't exactly what I was saying before I don't know what else is? I believe that exercise is the key to feeling better about yourself both mentally and physically. Yes I will never give up my crafts but since starting to exercise again I actually have more energy to craft. I'm not saying everyone should start doing obstacle courses (though if you want to I'll be there cheering you on from the internet) but even walking every day makes a difference.

So I'm happy to support a company that believes in women being strong. I'm currently waiting for my first order to arrive and then I'll be able to share some cool clothes with you. (I may have done a happy dance when I found out just how many purple clothes they have). Sometimes it's the little things that get me out the door to bootcamp and I often like to show off my cool outfits.

Therefore if you're into fitness clothes (I have developed a weakness) and want to support me and an interesting company please click this link or visit the Just Strong website and use the code CAITJORD10 at checkout to get 10% off your purchase. And in case you missed the disclaimer earlier this code is an affiliate code so I do get some money from every purchase you make using this code BUT with it you don't pay any extra you actually save 10% so if you are making a purchase please consider using the code.

Also please know that I won't be turning this blog into a constant fitness blog. But I will show off cool clothes and stuff happening in my life because that's what I like to do here.

Thank you and Happy Stitching,

Saturday, 8 December 2018

Live Instagram stream

In about 40 minutes from posting this at 3pm Brisbane time I'm going to go live on Instagram talking crafty stuff. So come join me @naughtscrossstitches for a crafty chat and stitching updates.

If you can't join me I'll try to work out how to save it and post it but I can't guarantee that I'll be able to work it out.

So hope to see you there!

P.s. it's now over and I think I've managed to get the video uploaded right onto YouTube. So here it is.... I'm a bit awkward to start with but I did start to work out what to do.

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