Saturday, 12 October 2019

Inktober weekly update

Day 12 - Dragon

I'm at day 12 right now and this is fantastic... I've actually stuck with this challenge.

Day 11 - Snow

Who doesn't love the thought of a snow fight.

 Day 10 - pattern

To the math nerd in me this was irresistible.

Day 8 and 9

Only small pictures but I was at work... And was just drawing at my desk.

Day 7 - Enchanted

I love this one... It just makes me happy. An enchanted owl princess... I then used this princess with the dragon as well.

Day 6 - Husky

A new animal my first time trying to draw a husky. It is awesome.

 Day 5 - Build

Day 4 - Freeze

This is one of my favourites I love the way the ice turned out. It's my first time trying this.

 I hope you can enjoy this collection. I'm enjoying the challenge and it's great to draw each day.

Happy Stitching,


Thursday, 10 October 2019

Acrylic Owl Painting

One thing the kids beg for again and again... actually really only Lana but she does beg for this a lot, are canvases to paint. They LOVE painting and it's something I am happy to indulge and encourage.

So when I got up Sunday morning they had taken over the table and had already painted a few paintings. So instead of curling up with my cross stitch I decided to settle myself at the table as well and join them.

I had an absolute ball painting away and ended up spending longer than they did painting just one painting. I just wanted it to be special and done right. So with pencil I carefully drew an outline of my owl and then I filled in the background.

Here it is in progress ... I love the effect that I managed to get in the background. Would you believe that is only TWO colours! A blue and a lime green and then a little bit of mixing between the two of them.

Once I got all the colour on I carefully outlined with a thin brush and black paint. I am so proud of this finished piece. I have it resting at the moment against the wall but I look forward to varnishing it up and working out how to actually display it properly! What do you think?

Happy Stitching,

Thursday, 3 October 2019

Inktober 2019

Maybe I'm crazy... maybe I just don't think about what I'm signing up for but I signed up to do Inktober 2019. It's 3 days in and I think I'm currently doing pretty darn well. We shall see if that attitude continues.

For those that don't know Inktober is a drawing challenge created by artist Jake Parker and it's designed to get you drawing every day of October. It's not meant to be the most amazing drawings though some people have some stunning work. (not me so don't worry) But you are given prompts each day that you can choose to follow. You can choose to do every day or ever second day or even every week depending on your other commitments. It's about committing to something and getting in the habit of doing it.

But why Ink? It started as a way just to draw. You can't erase ink so it's about just getting your ideas down on paper. Now I HAVE been drawing basic pencil outlines of my drawings as I don't feel quite confident enough but I'm trying to stick with the premise of not going over and over and over the drawings trying to fix every part.

Now you can choose to draw with a theme in mind of you can make your drawings go everywhere. I without even realising it at first chose to draw with a theme in mind. I'm following the prompt list above but also drawing OWLS... shock horror... is anyone surprised? I seem to draw owls or girls at the moment.


When thinking of a ring all I could think of was a wreath so I started drawing a wreath and the owls weren't even in the picture. I had finished the wreath and felt that it needed something more. I wasn't sure what but it needed something so I added the owls into the middle section.


So then came Day 2 and for mindless I couldn't think of anything more mindless than the way we all (me included some days) sit in front of the TV just zoning out to everything. But I didn't want to draw a person so in came the owls again.

Now a theme is established and we shall see how it continues!


On Day 3 I had to think a little harder and then I thought about what you use bait for. Well you bait a trap don't you? This led perfectly to this little owl trap for the unwary.

I'm using a bit of colour so not 100% black and white but it's soooo much fun :D

If there are any designs you would like me to digitise and turn into patterns post a comment below, nothing will be happening quickly as I have two exams right at the end of October/first day of November.

Happy Stitching,

Monday, 30 September 2019

Owl Cross Stitch Pattern Collection

If you know me well at all you would know I have a mild owl obsession. It's not overpowering as I like other things but if there is one animal I love above all others it's owls. So a couple of months ago now I drew a page full of owls in my sketch book... and then I proceeded to turn a couple of them into digital sketches. I fell in love with this barn owl sketch the most.

I've managed to covert one of those sketches into a cross stitch pattern finally... actually I have a confession... it's been converted for about a month but I just wasn't sure if anyone would like it. I always second guess myself. If you follow my Instagram you'll actually see I released these patterns on Saturday my time but it's been a long weekend and I wasn't able to write this blog post before now.

You can find my barn owl pattern here... I am actually in the process of stitching this little cutie but I'm only just at the start of the yellow so no interesting photos to share. I'm excited for when I have more to show you. Also to make the background interesting I'm just stitching it in half crosses as I did with the background of my magician as it is quicker and gives a subtler effect. But that choice is up to you. The finished owl is 7.25cmx7.25cm on 14count aida so it's not a large design and would be perfect for so many different uses.

The second Owl designs that I have released is the Mini Owl Collection. This collection is 4 designs that can be stitched together or seperately. I've just stitched up the purple owl on the bottom right. Except in typical style I changed the purple colour to DMC333. Because it's the one I wanted to use and the first purple I put my hands on. I designed the mini owls to be easy to change colours and do what you want with, rather than always the same colours. Each owl is only about 20x20 stitches give or take a few depending which one.

Just so you know there are some fractionals involved in the mini owls to get some of that detail in such a small space. But I will be writing up a tutorial on how to handle those later in the week. They aren't scary and actually are really fun to work with.

Isn't he so cute? I am not sure yet how I will finish this one yet but I am tempted to turn it into a badge. I think it will be VERY cute worn pinned to a top.

 I also have these patterns bundled together and you can buy them both for a discount. HERE

BUT WAIT.. talking discounts I have the owl patterns on sale until the 8th of October 2019 for 10% off using the code OWL10 at checkout. So go take advantage of the discount while it lasts. 

I hope you enjoy these new patterns!

Happy Stitching,

Thursday, 26 September 2019

Little Teddy Bookmark

I have a thing for bookmarks at the moment. I don't know what exactly is drawing me to them but I love using them in my books and I love stitching them. I pulled out my teddy bear pattern the other week and I stitched it up in the original brown colours. 

Then I decided that was not enough but didn't want to add a name or something so I stitched up a second one under it in purple :D 

Although depending on your perspective I may have stitched on top of it in the purple bear! I really liked the idea of having them feet to feet like this and there was no up or down. 

 To finish it I used my tutorial for finishing bookmarks which can be found here... but forgot about making sure the glue doesn't come through to the front. 

But it is already in use with it's friend the tiki bookmark that is in the tutorial. 

Don't they look pretty? I'm currently reading Shadow of the Conqueror by Shad M. Brooks and eventually when I finish it I will write a review.

This just makes me happy :D I really do love to USE my cross stitch where it is reasonable to do so. I also love seeing my stitching on display, but for small things like this it is so much FUN to use! It just makes me happy. Does anyone else find this??

 Do you make bookmarks with your stitching? I'm actually thinking of running a special Christmas SAL that includes a bookmark and an ornament with full instructions/ videos on how to make both. I think it would be a great activity.

Happy Stitching,

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