Thursday 31 May 2012

Do You Use a Stand? Blog Hop

Well my answer is really easy no I don't use a stand but I really wish I could afford one for my bigger projects! I would love to have afternoon tea on a stand but I have a 17"x11" Q snap that it sits on instead which I have to have on my lap.

Because I don't have a stand I tend to balance my Qsnaps on my lap so I can get a hand underneath and a hand above. It's alright but slow because it doesn't stay steady.  Keeps rocking on my lap.

Unfortunately with not having lived at one home for a while (going between my parents and phills) it wasn't worth it to buy a stand. I hope with the new house I can afford a stand and get myself set up (one that fits my Qsnaps). At least then I won't be driving around everywhere all the time and stitching at home and at Phills....soon. Moving date is in 2 weeks at the moment unless something else happens.

Any recommendations about good quality cheaper stands I will be open to any suggestions. 

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Sunday 27 May 2012

Very Late IHSW and TUSAL

Well it's been kinda a crazy week. With trying to organise the new house and get to the point that we can move. Which means I organised the floors and the carpets and got the locks changed and all the fun stuff that comes with that. Oh and I emptied the veggie patches of the rocket and mint and spiders. (hope I got all the spiders I don't really need to find any more of them.)

But I did manage some stitching, though not as much as I would hope. During IHSW I did manage to finish a page from Afternoon Tea but you have already seen that.

I have been working a tiny bit on Geisha Girl I really want to get this one done. I'm going to see what I can do tonight during downtown!

Oh and I made a mistake and made a new start (mistake because I don't have time for my current projects) It's a little owl bookmark. We shall see how it turns out.

Oh and last but not least I have worked on Jardin Prive

Here's what it looked like:
Here's what it looks like now:
and happy dance it joins up! I was a little worried that it wouldn't but I shouldn't have been.
Here is a close up of the corner motifs I love the colour so much!

Ohk and TUSAL
I think I am really really really bad about collecting my ORTs because this never seems to grow.

Have Fun

Saturday 26 May 2012

My Memories Giveaway

Well I got contacted by the lovely people at My Memories Suite

I got to have some fun with their great software. I'm usually not into scrapbooking because I didn't want to add another craft to my already long list of things that I do. But I couldn't resist trying out this software.

It was so easy to download. I just went to the website and downloaded it. There are also so many cool kits with backgrounds to download. (though I'm not sure background is the right word.)

While I was fiddling I came up with a wonderful design. I could not resist using this picture. Such a cute little boy.
I also tried it out with my stitching as a way to display the finished pieces. I think I could really get to like this! Such a pretty finish and better than anything else that I do with photobucket and actually easier too!

I do have a lot to learn about what to put on a scrap book page but this software definitely makes it easy. I think I will definitely have to make use of this for my wedding. So easy to organise the photos.

Now to the fun part the people at My Memories have offered one copy to my wonderful readers.
To enter this giveaway:
1. You have to be a follower of my blog.
2. Go to My Memories and tell me which kit you like the best.
3. For an extra entry follow them on any of these 


For everyone else there is another offer as well. Using this code: STMMMS65811 
you can get $10 off when you buy the my memories suite for yourself. Click the button below to use the code!


So get posting your favourite kits you have until Sunday the 3rd of JUNE(American time) I will hold it open the extra day to match up for everyone.


Monday 21 May 2012

New House

So here is my lovely new house :D It's wonderful to have the house keys now and we've had some fun changing locks and stuff but it's all working out.

The garden beds are really badly overgrown there is nothing we can do with some of them but pull it all out and start over. Which is kinda exciting.

There are chickens and veggie gardens in the back but in the veggie beds is one full of rocket (which I can't stand) and another full of mint and one full of weeds. I will have a lot of fun on Wednesday morning.

The kitchen is twice the size of the one Phill currently has and there is a spot for a dishwasher. Which is wonderful!

The lounge room is lovely and gorgeous but we may need to repolish the floor. it's such an exciting place.

We're recarpeting the bedrooms because they're in desperate need. We also need to repaint because
whoever had this room had wierd ideas of colour in such a small place ... but on a good note this room is my craft room :D I get a whole room for my craft stuff! I am so happy about that!

So here is a look at our very empty house. It will start to fill up but we need to get cleaners in because the walls are a mess and so are the windows. We may also get the floors repolished which would be lovely.

I will have some updates for IHSW soonish when I can get around to it. I did get some stitching done...

Sunday 20 May 2012

Afternoon Tea Page Finish :D

Well here are the pictures! I've finally finished a page!

Doesn't it look pretty :D I was so excited when I finally ... finally finished it! I also spent a while and got rid of all the tacking! I'm going to have to take it out as I go it was too much of a pain on the tight fabric! I love the details in the leaves but I'm not looking forward to this page I think 3/4 is black! oh well it will be fun :D

Happy happy happy dance!

Keep watching for a house photos they should get up sometime today :D


Saturday 19 May 2012

I'm so happy :D

Ohk no photos in this post but keep an eye out because I have managed to FINALLY finish a page of AFTERNOON TEA!!!! WOOHOO!!! I'm jumping around doing a happy dance and to make matters even better the house settled yesterday so now I have a house that is ours.

Photos of the house and afternoon tea to come very soon keep an eye out! I just had to tell everyone!


Friday 11 May 2012


I want to send my apologies to everyone who has sent me comments any time before today. I managed to delete over 50 comments, I don't know how exactly!
So sorry to everyone who has sent me comments hopefully I don't manage to do it again!


May WIPocalypse #5

So as much as I wanted a page finish I haven't got there. I had a headache (actually about one every day) and working on this hurt. Though I have done more! It's getting closer, slowly.

Now this is a monthly update :D so I have had finishes this month.

Geisha Girl
and a new start on another geisha girl.
She looks so lovely :D easier to stitch than the other one and I enjoyed this hair ... think it was because it wasn't over one.....

Oh and I finished the baby cube for those that haven't seen it.

Haven't yet given it to the baby as Phill hasn't gone to dancing recently.

and I finished this owl. Tried a new finishing technique and I LOVE it!

and last but definately not least I have done some work on Jardin Prive. Not as much as I would wish but ...

I have been busy on other projects.

I have started a TAFE course doing a cert. III in Business Admin. So my days are a bit busy doing the course. I hope that I can do it quickly.

Anyway I need to get to work now :D


Saturday 5 May 2012

Geisha Finished

Well I finally finished the Geisha Girl. The hair was an absolute pain, lots of black and tiny!

Doesn't she look cute? Though I do need a better photo that isn't taken at night. It's done on 25ct over one so it's really small.

To give you an idea how small...
So only about 2 inches high :D and about that wide. So gorgeous.

Now I was given another pattern to test at the same time. This one I am being smarter about. I have some polstitches fabrics from a grab bag I bought at one point.  So I am doing it on a 28ct over 2, I love the gorgeous colours of the fabric and I'm starting with the hair this time. leaving the good bits for last.

Anyway I'm off to stitch
Have Fun,
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