Tuesday 21 May 2013

Health and Life

I wanted to update everyone on my health issues and some other issues I'm going through.

I have finally got my health going on the right track. I do have adrenal issues and my cortisol levels are too high in the morning so I am now on Melatonin in the evening to counteract that and help me sleep better when I should be. I have only been on it a couple of weeks but the difference is amazing! I am not collapsing at 11am because I have run out of any energy because I walked around the block. It was pretty bad.

Which brings me to some bad news... My partner and I are splitting up. We have been together for 6 years and engaged for 2.5. I'm not entirely sure what happened myself but he had begun to disengage. I don't know when exactly but I know I was getting sick of being treated like a second class person. As much as I love him I can't keep going around in emotional circles so he called it off. I'm not dealing that well with it. It came as a bit of a surprise, I thought we were working through everything and coming out the other side.

On a good note though I finally have full time work. I have a job as a Kindy Teacher at a local Child Care Centre. It's wonderful. I love the work, it's interesting and challenging and different. Though I'm emotionally and Physically exhausted all the time now. Everything came to a head between Phill and me 2 days before I started my new job and that was less than 2 weeks ago....

So between everything at the moment I am getting a little stitching done and I will have to show you photos when I get some energy ....


Thursday 9 May 2013

Cadbury Factory

We're back safe and sound. I will have to post a number of updates over the next week or so... it will take a while.

When we arrived in Dunedin on Thursday my only requirement was that we went to the Cadbury factory for a tour. Thankfully it was all booked before we went so it was pretty much guaranteed.

Here is a photo of the purple silo at the back of the Cadbury factory. We got to go inside the silo during the tour.

a random door that we walked past :D

A display of different kinds of chocolates. The Yowies in the middle were very popular when I was a kid. There were toys inside the chocolate. We had a number of them.

All dressed up to go inside. We had to wear hair covers for health and safety.

Unfortunately I can't show you anything else from inside the factory itself as we couldn't take cameras. Or anything else metal. It was great, this factory produces the base agent for all Cadbury chocolate called crumb. They also produce Jaffas, Pebbles, Roses chocolates and marshmallow products. Also all the Easter Eggs for New Zealand. So lots of yummy smells and stuff.

Outside we did get to sit in some old delivery trucks. So cool all purple :D

We did get a bag of chocolate to take away with us which is yummy and surprisingly I haven't eaten any of it yet. I'm being very good and I ate too many other bad things on the trip.

More photos to come later I have some gorgeous scenery photos. It was freezing  (for me anyway) I had 5 layers on anytime I went outside.


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