Tuesday 28 February 2012

So I've finally been paid :D

Since I've finally been paid again. Second Pay of the year and it's 7 weeks in... not good but the boss is now back from overseas so it should settle down. He really picked a bad bad bad time to go away.

But the reason I'm saying this is I want to buy myself a treat but what ...

I could afford to buy all the cottages so that I have them....
Country Cottages Jan-Apr

I could stretch a bit more and buy this pair ... they are stunning designs and ... a little bit more expensive at 16 each! but they are such stunning designs....
Woodland Vines & Brambles
I could go for this design which is absolutely stunning as well.
Cirque Cercles

and this a big or I save my money so I can go to the craft fair in March and buy a whole pile pf fabrics so I can do some of the charts that I actually own.... except I'm not really fussed about this craft fair ... I could just buy fabrics online ...

Ohk so here is where I need your help!
Should I buy a new chart ... or save my money and buy some fabrics for charts I already have. There are some gorgeous fabrics out there ...

Or just stitch what I have anyway. I think as much as I want more stash ... I am heading towards maybe buying the fabrics I need and leaving the stash for a while I feel very picky with money ... my boss is so frustrating with it!

But please vote over which chart/charts I should get ... I love to hear opinions.

TUSAL and I won :D

well here is a photo of my VERY VERY VERY VERY late TUSAL for February.

He's still sitting among the lego but there is a penguin in there too :D There is a bit of the fabric from my biscornus, the threads from boxer and a whole pile of threads from afternoon tea. Not that you can tell much of a difference between the boxer threads and afternoon tea as they are all browns.

Also a couple of weeks ago now I won a surprise giveaway from minnie over at all xx's which was such a lovely package to get in the mail this week!

It's full of all sorts of wonderful charts and I love the magazine it has a JE christmas angel and a peter rabbit design. I'm in heaven :D


Monday 27 February 2012

My Crazy weekend!

Now some of you may remember I have mentioned that I am a joey scout leader. Well this past weekend we had a sleepover at the scout den for Founders day, then we went up to the local lookout for a special founders day parade before coming back for a Joey/Cub scout Rally.

Now I was already tired since I'd worked Saturday morning. 4hrs of Back on Back students including a couple of really energetic classes. Which meant I went home and slept and then woke up with a start realising I had to pack! Now the weather was against us! It was raining and miserable all day and just when I needed to load the car it started to pour! Lucky me.

The joeys, when they started arriving, were so excited about having a sleepover that they were hopping out of their skins. I was really glad I decided to get them there before the cubs as I had a chance to calm them a little before the 'seasoned' campers came in. We had dinner and settled down for games and a movie which was wonderful but when the movie ended no one wanted to go to bed. It was nearing 11 before the last kid settled down to sleep. Then we could finally go to bed and I tossed and turned all night. I really couldn't settle.

Then at ungodly hour of the morning 5:45 to be exact (it was extremely early considering my lack of sleep) my alarm went off. Which signalled to me I had to get up and get ready before waking up my Joeys. They mainly got up well except for one kid. He got up realised he hadn't (nor had his dad) packed his uniform and then hopped straight back in bed. Nothing I could do could get him out of his funk until I picked him up and carried him to the breakfast table. From then he was fine. Crazy kid.

The rest of the day went smoothly lots of activities and kids running around everywhere. I had 7 joeys all up and they were all crazy! By the end of the day they were so happy and exhausted and so was I! I went home and slept!

But in between some of the craziness I did manage to do some work on my Afternoon Tea :D The border part at the top is almost finished now (for this page) and I've started filling in the black. I realise now why they say 7 skeins of black! There is so much between the leaves of the background the next page is half black and this one is 1/3 black!

I'm loving working on this piece it is so much fun :D the colours are awesome and it's always such a surprise what is going to appear next.

Hope your weekend wasn't as crazy as mine.


Wednesday 22 February 2012

WOOHOO!!!! Late IHSW Happy dance!

Well Tuesday Afternoon I put the last stitches in boxers :D

Aren't they wonderful? I haven't taken it off the framed or removed the guidelines. That is happening at the moment then it goes into the wash.

I changed the eyes :D I made them a dark grey and much smaller! They look wonderful and they are no longer trying to beam my eyes out.


Oh and if anyone is wondering about my obsession with boxers here are the lovely dogs in my home.

Oscar wants to play with my little cousin but he's not allowed!
After the baby had left :D

The last photos are some of our figurines :D and the penguins are in the cabinet on the right as well. Many many many boxers around our home and mum is so excited about this one.


Monday 13 February 2012

Finished Biscornus

Did you think I forgot this design?

Carres Du Printemp has now been made into ten little cute biscornus. They now only need something to tie them up with. I'm not putting buttons on these becayse the designs are too gorgeous in the centre to cover.

Remeber how I mentioned my celtic woman obsession yesterday... well guess what I was watching while taking these photos ...

Don't they look so cute ... I am so excited to see these finished and they will look wonderful on my christmas tree this year... hopefully in our own home.


Sunday 12 February 2012

I'm obsessed :) Video Heavy!

When I first heard celtic woman I became obsessed with their music! I haven't been following them from the start (2004) but I managed to first hear them about 4 years ago.

When they started Chloe Agnew was about 15 yrs old her voice was gorgeous then but in the last couple of years her voice has become so rich it is lovely.
The first video is chloe singing ave maria at 15 the one below is chloe singing ave maria at 22 I think (it was recorded september last year.

Her voice has become so rich and beautiful.

Over the years the group has changed but the core group of singers (chloe agnew, lisa kelly and mairead (on the violin)) have stayed.

The reason for this post is I received the latest celtic woman DVD in the mail plus the believe CD and Lullaby. So all I have listened to for the past week is celtic woman. The music makes me happy. The pipes, flutes and violin add such a beautiful element and I always want to dance when I hear their music.

This song has become my new favourite closely followed by
Ohk I'm going to leave it there before I post all of their videos.
Enjoy the music.


Saturday 11 February 2012

Woohoo! Some significant progress :D

Well the cross stitch on boxers is DONE!!! Now just the back stitching left!

I did have to do a little tiny bit of frogging when I realised that I had put the wrong colour in a couple of days ago... fun stuff! But it all worked out. and as a reward for finishing that much I worked on afternoon tea.

It's not really much but it's getting bigger and the whole corner is now filled in. I love the colours in this border. I have put in various shades of brown with some redish and some greenish. there was an almost crimson red and a lime green. There are also 2 dots of pink. In the lower part of the border there is a gorgeous rich purple it was just so exciting to put in. The colours really make this pop.

Close up to see the colours :D
So much exciting stitching but I am now going to have an afternoon nap. I desperately need a sleep!


Tuesday 7 February 2012

February Goals and Wipocalypse


Well I have worked on Afternoon tea a little bit :D It looks a little more coloured in... I haven't been focusing on this piece at all.

close up of the stitches they are very bunched together it makes a very strong feel.
and boxers is getting very very very close. Maybe another month or so and they will be ready :D So excited about them!

Though I still have to change those eyes. They are glowing beacons and really look bad! Like a demented dog. But it is so excited.

I don't think I made any January goals I didn't want to push anything. But here are my February Goals.

  • Finish the Cross Stitch on Boxers
  • Do some more on Afternoon Tea
  • Start Sampler Aux Fleurs (it's a good project to carry around)
And this month I'm adding some non stitchy goals.

  • Practice Piano at least 4 days a week for at least 30 minutes each. Which includes my scales
  • Walk more - check my pedometer and get at least 10,000 steps on the first day and I'll go from there. (I've joined a internet walking club with Ewa and we're going to walk 'together' and count how far we're going. Hopefully good motivation.)
  • Get myself organised for the softball season. 
I think that there are enough goals here :D
Happy Stitching 

Monday 6 February 2012

Really Cool Videos

My mum wants to get some of these for music because they are such a cool thing :D I really think it would be so much fun!

Lots of really cool videos of what can be done with these awesome things. I really want some boomwhackers.



Sunday 5 February 2012

Life Is Leveling Out a Little

Well everything is starting to settle into place.

It's the start of third week of term. The classes are finally starting to sort themselves out and settle into a pattern. Most of them are now all established and will stay that way now until end of this term at least. I think only Thursday has yet to sort itself out into set classes. But the rest of the days are working out.

I should get paid next week but I have been given some cash anyway to keep going in between. Apparently I'm not the only teacher affected, something went wrong with some of the transfers. But of course with the boss out of town nothing can be dealt with quickly making life interesting. At least he didn't forget to pay me which makes me thankful it's just something going stupid in the system.

I am now working even more than I was with doing administration work 2 mornings a week and then still teaching every afternoon and Saturday mornings. As well as a couple of days working as a nanny. My life is crazy but it's starting to settle into a pattern.

Though we have started looking at houses. I technically still live at my parents house but I spend more time than not at Phill's house. So we are looking for a house that is bigger than the townhouse he currently lives in.  Once we have a house I can then start planning the wedding. Since then I will know how much money we actually have to spend on a wedding. Of course the money won't come much from my wages but mainly from Phill's. Without him I would have nothing much.

and in between work and everything else my downtime is spent stitching or knitting. I love to stitch because it allows me to relax and stretch out.

To that end I have actually been busy. This dog is almost almost almost done! The only thing left is the head :D I am so excited about finishing this.

Hopefully I will have more updates after tonight.


Friday 3 February 2012

Spending issues

Well I have money issues... More along the lines of I love to spend. I go to a shop and don't feel right if I don't come out having spent something. It's never something I really need. Usually something I've wanted for a while. I honestly have enough knitting yarn to make a tonne of toys yet I want more... I've seen groups of people knitting dishcloths and socks and I want to buy some yarn so I can participate but I can't really afford to spend and I don't need dishcloths and socks. I have enough cross stitch projects kitted up to keep me happy for years particularly with my HAED. I also have a JE plus some small kits as well as a pile of threads. Really I don't need to spend anything on cross stitch this year. I have so many books and movies I can keep myself happy for ages. I really really don't need to spend but I can't seem to help myself. So I am putting myself on a self imposed budget. Not sure how much yet but I need to stop auxiliary spending. How did this start today though? I haven't been paid yet. I should have been paid two days ago. And my boss has gone to chile. So I need to chase him up and I have no clue when I will be paid. I have $30 in my account. it's a really scary thought. I do have savings but I shouldn't have to use them. I could turn around and say I won't work until I get paid but if I do that I won't have a job to come back to as all my parents would walk. How do I deal with it? He did this to me last year as well and it took a month to get right but that wasn't straight after a 6 week holiday. I'm slightly stressed about this. Thank god for my family and phill. Thankfully I'm not paying rent and nor am I the main bread earner so my wage doesn't matter but it still makes me feel vulnerable. Sorry for the rant but I needed to get it out to someone other than my family. Caitlin
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