Tuesday 28 June 2011

A little bit of Stitching

I have been very very lazy this weekend and haven't been on here. Partly because I had no time. Partly because I managed to hurt myself at softball. I played 2 games this weekend as we managed to get into the president's cup which means we came second in the first round of the competition. Unfortunately they managed to pulverise us. In the process of pulverising us I pulled a muscle in my leg and have a nasty bruise on my knee from the ball. Then on Sunday I managed to slide into second base and landed on my wrist. It's not broken but it is throbbing with the pain. It makes lifting or holding anything with my left hand very sore. Thankfully it is my left hand. Away from my life and into stitching.

I have actually managed to stitch, even with my wrist killing me because I am right handed and it is possible to.
Here is an update on Lickle Ted I love the fact that you can see the shape really coming, This photo is really really really bad but I can't seem to manage how to get a decent photo.

Lickle Ted
I also managed to do some more on To Have and To Hold. It's almost at the point where it's only backstitch left and that part will be the hard part! It uses different thicknesses for different lines and is much more complicated. There are also a lot of french knots but I am debating swapping the french knots with beads it just requires some thought.
To Have and To Hold
I am going to go searching through my stash, because I'm in the mood to do some knitting so I am thinking of making some more of the little toys but I just have to work out which one. That does require leaving the computer for a little while to get it all organised. So I am off!


Sunday 19 June 2011

A quick post

Weestitchy has moved from blogger and over to wordpress and she's having a giveaway to celebrate.

People are so rude!

I came out this morning to go to softball only to find that some idiot had driven past during the night and EGGED my car! This is the car that is less than a month old, it now has chipped paint work. To make matters more annoying I spent hours yesterday cleaning it. Here is a photo of my lovely car :D

What I don't understand is how some people can think it is fun to destroy someone else's property. I love this car and the fact that someone felt the need to throw an egg at it just makes me so sad. What is even more annoying is that it chipped the paintwork which will mean I now have to go deal with the dealer and hopefully get it fixed hopefully under my lifetime paint protection warranty but proably not knowing my luck. More money I don't have down the drain!

Ohk Vent over and onto stitching.
Lickle Ted - 19-6-11
It now looks like Lickle Ted has a bit of shape and less like random patches of colour. It's exciting watching this one appear. I can't wait to give it to my cousin when the baby arrives.

To Have and To Hold - 19-6-11
This one is going lovely and quickly it will be well and truly ready by the wedding date in September! Which is exciting.


Thursday 16 June 2011

Small Updates

I now have 2 works in Progress :D I have been working on Lickle Ted.

Lickle Ted
As you can see I have a start. But it hasn't had too much started yet.... It's a lot of counting at the moment and getting the stitches in the right spot. I had to undo the whole bottom right area because I'd miscounted the start! I don't like it when the frog visits!

I also have been working on To Have and To Hold. The whole right side is finished except for backstitch and french knots. That will happen at the end :D It's looking so pretty it's exciting.

Queensland lost!!!!! It's the first time for something like 5 games. So this year the State of Origin goes into the decider! But hopefully we come out victorious, otherwise I won't be happy!


Sunday 12 June 2011

Craft Groups

So, I have started my own craft group.

I had a couple of friends over and it will be a monthly thing. Now I sat and finished my sister's bookmark for her. It is a caterpillar from the design library of one of the issues of WOCS. My sister started it and was almost done and totally lost interest. But that is typical for beck with crafts. She hasn't the drive to really do it, she started because it looked kinda interesting but really didn't care.

Caterpillar Bookmark
I still say that this design is really really cute :D

I also managed to finish the cross stitching part of a heart hanging. It's from CSC, and I did fiddle with the colours. It's meant to be green but I like purple better. It was the first time I have ever tried to stitch on evenweave. It was pleasant and it worked which is great. I may have to try a bigger project on evenweave. I'm not running out to start but I will enjoy fiddling a bit more. I can't wait to see what it is like finished but that does mean searching through my fabrics for a backing fabric. It will look good!

Floral heart hanging
I finally have a photo of the flower fairies kit and I managed to sort through the threads. I feel so happy they are on an organiser now ready to stitch. It will be randomly started when I need a small, small project to carry.

Flower Fairies

Friday 10 June 2011

So I give up on this kit

I know I haven't really started it even but I wanted to do the fairy from WOCS 176 but... I can't organise the threads! I've tried a couple of times now. I keep getting caught at all the whites, there are 3 strands 2 belong to natural white and 1 belongs to white. Do you think I can see any difference between these 2 colours? Apparently according to the chart they are meant to be different... I can't see it.

But onto To Have & To Hold, I have done a little, my problem at the moment is the hoop and how to get the picture in it. It won't fit so I need to reorganise myself.

To Have and To Hold

I'm really enjoying seeing this design come together. It will be fun I can't wait 'til it's finished and then I can give it to my friend. I really hope she likes it. The amount of time I'm putting into this.


Thursday 9 June 2011

The World of Cross Stitch

I love this magazine. I have been getting most of the issues since the beginning of the year. I say most because I can't find it every month in the same newagents. This time around I found issue 176 in the newsaganet at the normal time and then 178 had been air shipped in. So it was there right next to the other issue. But I am still missing issue 177. Hopefully it turns up at one of the newsagents next month. This is the problem with liking a magazine that comes from the UK they don't reliably come in or they are picked up by someone else in a flash.

Also on the magazine. I love the kit that came with issue 176 and I thought my eyes were fairly good but I have 28 threads here and I can't tell the difference between about 10 of them they are all very subtly off white. It's confusing. I may have to wait 'til I can find the daylight lamp and use that one because it's hard to tell the difference and I don't trust myself to stitch :D Oh well back to To have and To Hold!


Tuesday 7 June 2011

Mini update

So I'm actually finding it slower working on this smaller To have and To Hold design than I found Land in Sight. I think this is because the Land in sight had lots of blocks of colour while this one the colours are everywhere. I've had to go back a number of times and put in one more stitch in a colour I've missed.

To Have and To Hold
But here is my update and now I have to go to work and sing, sing, sing!


Friday 3 June 2011

A small finish

Well the bookmark is finished. At least the stitching part. I still need to buy some felt. I knew I should have bought some today when I went to get some more needles! It really didn't take that long I just didn't spend that long on it before today. But I finally decided to finish it so I can use it to read with.
Floral Bookmark
I found out today that there is a place around my area that does a knitting group that is free to go to and essentially you can get help if you need it but you can do whatever you want. It may be a chance to keep going with the knitted toys while still focusing on the cross stitch. Once I find out more I will keep you updated with what happens.

So now back to the wedding sampler :D


Thursday 2 June 2011

Dogs and stitching

So my parents have 2 very lazy, lazy dogs who are pathetic in winter when it comes to the cold and really it isn't that cold! They curl up right in front of the heater and here I took a photo of them under a couple of blankets. Not worried one iota!

Oscar is the one hiding right under the blanket he burrowed himself down and left his bum out in the air. Abby is just comfortable.

I have a little stitching update. Not a big one because I was doing other jobs instead of stitching ....
To Have and To Hold
More colour on the flowers :D It is starting to get some nice shape down that side! I will get this done with plenty of time to go. It's due in September as we got the official wedding invite the other day. I hope they like this.


Wednesday 1 June 2011

Frogging... rip it rip it rip it!

So I started the wedding sampler and put colour in one flower and realised I put it too far to the right. One square to the right. Tacking is great as long as you get the right lines to start from. Thankfully I had only put in one colour before realising but it was frustrating! So here is my progress, I really haven't had much time to work on it with a busy day teaching yesterday.

To Have and To Hold
It's surprising how long it takes to do this when there are bits of colour everywhere. Counting takes ages! I'm also being different and not actually using a hoop because it is frustrating with the bits of colour everywhere to readjust the hoop. We'll see what happens... though I may just put a hoop on it because it's hard to hold and keep fairly tense.

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