Saturday 24 September 2022

New Obsession: Artist Trading Cards

 I have found myself a new craft obsession. I am deeming this an extension of the drawing and art I have been doing so it doesn't count as a new craft. And honestly outside buying some card from kmart I haven't bought a whole lot of stuff for it. It started as being invited by one of my friends into a craft group and I accepted not really understanding what I would be walking into. I thought it was about making small craft projects which I do a lot of as that is the kind of cross stitch pattern that I do. It turned out to be a lot more specific than that. It was specifically for artist trading cards which are pretty awesome and I'm going to tell you why. 

 They are cards that are 3.5inches x 2.5inches which are the size of a trading card like pokemon. The idea is that you make these cards and then you can trade them around the world with other people. Now this group is just a local facebook group and we are separated into groups of 9 and we make cards to suit a theme. The first group that I ended up in was the white plus one theme. So I had to make 9 cards that all looked pretty much the same and then send them off to the organiser. The theme had been a vote between a few options and I picked Disney but the white plus one theme had won. So I ended up combining the two into these Cinderella cards. This was my first foray into this and I had sooo much fun making these! I became addicted.

The card backs are numbered out of 9 to show that it's part of a set of nine.

Then the package came in the mail with the 9 cards back. 

I love how each person interpreted the theme and all the different colours and ideas. These definitely show the different backgrounds of all the people. with some being very artistic like the candle and the tree in the bottom row. To the very scrapbook based coffee one. It was so cool to see them altogether like this. 

The next month the theme did end up being disney :D So I took inspiration from my newest obsession Encanto. (Though this obsession is helped by a 17mth old who is obsessed with the music!) I had lots of fun with these. I drew the little mirabel in my notebook one day and then digitised it. I then printed it out and coloured it in. Then I created the pretty banners and the butterflies. I'm really proud of how this one turned out even if all the parts took me AGES since bubs was being extra clingy anytime I was home as she wasn't well.

While I chose to make each of the cards very similar I did deliberately choose to do two different banner designs and also the butterflies are all slightly different in their placement. The slight changes make the cards unique. 

What was also awesome was that without talking to each other we all managed to pick different disney characters. We all picked entirely different movies!


I'm so excited to show you more as I get them. These are such fun little art projects that while I can take up to a month to finish them because there are little hands getting in the way... 

... the projects are still fun despite the size.

Happy Stitching, 


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