Thursday 24 October 2013

Design Software

Dear knowledgeable peeps!

Ohk that sounds stuffy but I really need some help. I know I've asked something like this before but I am actually serious about selling stuff now.

I have created a series of little designs for christmas and of various animals that I want to put on etsy to sell. It's the set of designs that I use to teach kids because they're simple and have very little involved. I have been using KG Stitch to design them but I hate the way it presents them and I have to way to save them as PDFs. So before I go out and spend heeps of money on a better program I want to find out which one is better and which one will let me save in the right format without looking silly!

So please anyone out there who has done any designing I want to be able to design cross stitch and basic embroidery stitches. Then save it in a PDF form or at least a form that looks good.

Thank you so much,

Thursday 17 October 2013

Awesome Mail

In August I ordered the millenium frame from needle needs and it finally arrived last week! I was so excited!

Though looking at the packaging they managed to send it to the wrong unit despite clearly saying unit 1 fed ex didn't bother to read that part. It got sent to unit 3 because they were home I think. 

 All my beautifully wrapped parcels. :-D

And my frames all unwrapped! They look so lovely :-D I ran late that afternoon because I had to take the time to put my cross stitch on the frames!!!

I haven't worked much on afternoon tea because I didn't like the way it held in my old frame but now I'm so excited!

I still haven't managed to find a permanent job but I have had some relief teaching days though these are just confirming that I don't want to continue to teach at the moment but it's good money for the moment. It keeps things going.

Happy Stitching Everyone :-D

Teaching the younger generation

Well I haven't mentioned this good news... Not long after my ex left me I found another wonderful guy. He is a single father of two wonderful kids. As I've spent more time around them they keep wanting to copy me with everything I do. So now I've been teaching them to cross stitch. The boy is 6 while the girl is 9. I'm teaching them on some designs I made a while ago designed with kids in mind.
The 6yr old was the one who wanted me to teach him first but also got sick of it well before it was finished. I wasn't surprised but I got some cute photos. 

Just don't judge the quality of the Stitching and he's given up on just Stitching in the square but he did it!

While the 9 yr old wanted me to help her get started and then do it all herself.  Hers is close to perfect which is amazing to see. I love that she's done so much herself and this is the first go she's ever had. I'm proud of her sticking with it and she wants a new design to stitch already.

They were both so excited they had to send a message to their dad before he got home. He didn't mind and was happy they weren't asking for technology and as long as I didn't try and teach him!

We'll have to see what happens next. 

Wednesday 9 October 2013

Funny Video

I went to dinner last night at my parents and they showed me this awesome video. I couldn't stop laughing!

Hope you enjoy this awesome video :D

Tuesday 8 October 2013

I'm back!

I'm sorry everyone... it's been a very hard year. I don't want to go into too much detail but it hasn't been the best couple of months. I was working in a childcare as a kindergarten teacher but I found that working with children that young wasn't what I was planning to do. So now I'm looking for work again. Though that said I'm not sure what I'm looking for I don't know whether I want to be a full time teacher anymore but I need something to keep going. I found that I was that stressed about work that I couldn't even stitch much. Which is really weird for my life I love crafts so much but I just couldn't do any because I couldn't settle. Since then though I do have some photo updates.

Since then I have worked on Masquerade Pale Dawn

I am so happy :D its wonderful I love how it's turning out.

I have also managed to get my sewing machine out and I had to have some fun and put my name on my bag for the symphonic orchestra I joined 3 months ago because I needed some music to enjoy playing.

If anyone is around Brisbane look up the Moreton Bay Symphonic Orchestra you will really enjoy the music we've got a pastoral concert coming up which will be exciting.

I'm enjoying the music and the stitching and all I really need now is a job so that I can earn some money to keep buying stuff.

Happy Stitching everyone and I promise it won't be that long between visits anymore!
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