Sunday 29 April 2012

Well I am cleaned out! and TUSAL

not really unfortunately. Most of the Phill's place is clean. I can see corners I haven't seen for ages. Mum and Dad come over yesterday and leant a wonderful helping hand. They were life savers yesterday!

But through all this cleaning I have been stitching. Not much on Afternoon Tea. Actually not at all of afternoon tea because I haven't been set up to stitch on it with the cleaning.

 One of the blogs I follow the lovely Beverly at Wee Stitchy has just opened an Etsy shop with cross stitch designs called Love Thy Thread such lovely designs. She asked for guinea pigs to try out her patterns so I offered my services.
I haven't quite finished yet the hair is taking ages! Lots of black but I love stitching this!

I am being slightly crazy though I'm stitching this on 25ct 2x1 I was curious how it would turn out. I am making my life more difficult!

Remember the designs for the baby cube? I bought a magazine called 365 Cross Stitch Designs and the same designer had more stuff in there. Along the same lines as the cube stuff. I had to stitch this little octopus! Isn't he cute?

and I have been stitching on Jardin Prive I have got to the top right corner now :D

Step by step it's getting closer!

I love working with this much purple :D so bright and colourful :D and PURPLE!

Oh and last but not least I haven't forgotten my TUSAL though I almost did!

Have fun :D
I have to do some more cleaning!

Thursday 26 April 2012

Lest We Forget

Yesterday was a day of remembrance. 97yrs ago the ANZACs (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) landed at Gallipolli 1915. It was a matter of poor planning and bad maps. They had been told the wrong place to land. Thousands died that first day. It is the spirit of those that fought for our freedom.

ANZAC day is about remembering those who fought and those who are still fighting for our freedom. It's remembering the spirit of the fighters, their never ending ingenuity and love for our country.

One of my favourite stories about the battle at Gallipoli is about Simpson and his donkey.

John Simpson Kirkpatrick was born in Britain but later moved to Australia. In August 1914 he enlisted in the Australian Imperial Force, serving at Gallipoli the following year as Private John Simpson in the 3rd Field Ambulance, Australian Army Medical Corps. He served from the time of the landing at Gallipoli on 25 April until he was killed in action on 19 May.

Simpson became famous for his work as a stretcher-bearer. Using one of the donkeys brought in for carrying water, he transported wounded men day and night from the fighting in Monash Valley to the beach on ANZAC Cove. He did so, according to Charles Bean, through "deadly sniping down the valley and the most furious shrapnel fire". He was killed by machine-gun fire while carrying two wounded men and was buried on the beach at Hell Spit.

The war diary of the 3rd Field Ambulance commended "the excellence of the work performed by Pte Simpson continuously since landing". Simpson was posthumously Mentioned in Despatches. His first donkey was known as Abdul, Murphy, or Duffy.

There are many other stories like this one of people who fought bravely for their country against the worst odds.



Saturday 21 April 2012

Well I have two finishes :D

The first I stitched this at the beginning of 2011 and it's been sitting around because I didn't know what to do with it. I was going to turn it into to so many things. I bought a nice backing fabric with the intention of turning it into a nice cushion cover or something. So while I was trying to find fabrics for my baby cube this came out of a draw and I just decided to finish it. I tried a new (for me) technique for the edging and I love the effect! So sparkly and pretty.

Teasing you with the back photo :D
Design from one of the WOCS magazines.
The cool edging
The top where I have the loop and the join of ribbon!
And the real reason for this whole post I actually finished the Baby Cube as the baby it's for was born yesterday! A healthy baby boy!

I used the sewing machine to sew it up. Each panel is backed by iron-on interface. It was interesting sewing the stripes as I had to be careful to keep them straight. I think I did a good job. The corners aren't perfect but it's the first time I've ever done this and I'm really happy :D

Anyway hope you enjoy the pictures :D I had fun with the camera and angles :D but it's impossible to get a photo of opposite side of a cube at once unfortunately.


Tuesday 17 April 2012

Life Update :D

So things are moving along great. The finance and the building and pest have gone through perfectly and the house goes unconditional in a week. It is so exciting and nerve racking.

I have been busy stitching :D I am getting closer to a page finish with Afternoon tea.

I've finish most of the black from this page now just a little down the left.

But I have been focusing on finishing the baby cube stitching and here is the third side :D

I finally finished the corner motif from Sampler Aux Fleurs

Oh and I went shopping online and bought some more fabrics. I love Colours of The Outback!

They're gorgeous and sparkly :D

So I'm back at work again my holiday is over though it wasn't much of a holiday we spent most of it cleaning trying to get Phill's house ready to sell. I hate cleaning!

anyway have fun :D


Monday 9 April 2012

WIPocalypse #4 April

It's time for the next WIPocalypse :D and I've been busy. I have a couple of projects on the go.

Afternoon Tea
I have to start somewhere so here is my last update from Afternoon Tea. I have done some more black but I don't have an up-to-date photo.

Sampler Aux Fleurs
I have reached 3 of the corners of Sampler Aux Fleurs. I am doing all the edges then filling in the middle.

The last motif isn't yet finished it goes up quite a way. With the flowers out of this vase.

Baby Cube

I finished off the first two sides. and I decided to only make 4 sides I will make 2 cubes with 2 cross stitched sides and 4 fabric sides. To give the cubes texture and because these are taking longer than I thought to do each side.

Easter Crafts
I have been working on eggs for Easter. I was thinking about using braid but that was taking hours to get even close to doing one tiny little egg.

So I changed my mind and started using my crochet hook and making chains. Then it was only taking 20 minutes an egg not hours and hours to get half way!

There are lots of cool colours.

So I have been very busy this month and actually got a lot done which makes me feel better. Some days particularly with the HAED it feels like I am only crawling.

Have Fun!

Friday 6 April 2012

Fun of Easter ...

We aren't going camping now. We got all the way to Toowoomba a 2hr drive from Brisbane when Dad's car started to play up. The gear box was being silly and the suspension was suspect. So basically instead of continuing to drive to the middle of nowhere (another 3hrs further driving to the campsite) we turned and drove back home. We didn't want to be stuck on the property without easy access to help and a car that was playing up.

I'm really sad because we were really looking forward to it and visiting with all the family. We don't see them enough as they live all around Queensland. Also we would have spent 4 days able to play with baby Liam! I was really looking forward to spending time with that kid.

Oh well ... fun at home I can still get the stitching I wanted to do done. Actually a bit better because I don't have to stop at sunset.

Hope everyone else's Easter goes well.


Tuesday 3 April 2012

Stitching Update :D

The leaf on the left is done except for one little bit of black :D It is so much fun :D I love the colours and the shapes that are appearing in this. I haven't been working on this much because Phill asked me if I could make some toys for his friend's baby due in a month. Of course I said yes, it's a good excuse to stitch!

Now I had just bought this magazine and I loved the look of this quilt and I decided to turn the top and bottom halfs into a stuffed cube. I thought it would look wonderful. and it would be a toy.

It stitches up really quickly the first side only took 1 day :D though the backstitch around the outside took a little longer. I'm using a topstitch thread for the outer backstitch so it's strong enough to hold together with a baby playing with it.

But I still have been doing some work on Jardin Prive- Sampler Aux Fleurs

I still love working with this colour though I wish it would photograph properly! The colours never seem to photograph red enough.

So I have actually been busy :D Though not as busy as I would wish!


We Got The HOUSE!!!!!!!!

Ohk I'm really really really happy :D they signed the contracts over the weekend so we have the house! I am so excited :D it doesn't settle until May 18 so it will be a while before we move :D

Onto other news, work is going along and the super is being dealt with... slowly! But he is now aware some sort of clerical error which meant I haven't been paid super at all this past year. Really bad clerical error!

On a happy note again :D I made rocky road again for easter :D
I had a bowl in which I added all sorts of lollies :D
If you want to make this your self you need. Licorice allsorts cut up so they're not enormous :D

More Lollies :D
I also added malteasers marshmellows and raspberry lollies (though snakes also work :D)
I leave the malteasers in one piece but everything else gets cut up.

While I was cutting up lollies Phill was having fun breaking up biscuits. To make a biscuit base.

He gave up on doing it by hand and got out the blender :D He was having fun :D

If you want to make your own biscuit base do ... This one really didn't work .. too crumbly we didn't add enough butter. Or look up a recipe online.

You put the base into shallow pans and then pour melted chocolate over the base and then put the lollies on before pouring more chocolate over the top of that.

I had bowls of dark, light and milk chocolates (nestle melts) and I poured them over. I needed 4 bags of melts.

Don't they look wonderful :D it was so coated in chocolate it was gorgeous and yummy :D

If you want decadence in a slice you will have to make this for yourself :D

Oh a stitching post will be coming soon I need to take some photos.
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