Wednesday 31 October 2012

What Mp3s and PDFs actually mean

A question came up the other day when we were talking about what happened to books bought for Phill's Grandma before she died. They were in PDF form and linked to her email. Now because she was older and her family knows her password but those books that have been bought can only be viewed on her tablet which is connected to her email address.

What happens with all these PDFs do we lose the ability to pass things on to the generation after us? Like a bookcase full of books but a kindle full of books that can't be used because we don't have the right passwords? What about the patterns that we acquire through PDFs is it not allowed even when we buy them to pass them on to our children? Can you do that if you don't keep a copy yourself?

Also what about music? If you only spent $5 a week on music it would add up over 10 years. But it is all connected to the email address you have used to create your account. Thousands of songs that you have bought that can't be handed to anyone else. What about songs you bought under your parents itunes... you can't take them with you when you move out and create your own account. So all that money you may have spent is wasted or you have to buy them again.

This is really making me think because the other problem that was discussed was what happens if you don't know the passwords of the other person's computer?  I don't know Phill's passwords but quite a lot of our money is in his accounts. Everything is connected by passwords and online now. What would we lose that is all online.

I am wondering what other people think? Particularly when it comes to craft and patterns that have been bought.

Just a thought for today.

Monday 29 October 2012

I have a couple of finishes to show off :D

One should have been done over a year ago. The piece was finished and baby was born. I didn't manage to get to the shops to buy a frame and it got put away somewhere safe for Christmas. A year passes and I FINALLY buy a frame and it only takes about an hour and I have it laced up and in a frame. So he got it for a 1st birthday pressie instead.

His Mum loved it! Which is wonderful I was slightly worried.

I also had a couple of smaller finishes.

I started and finished this today. I had a grade 6 class and they were wonderful. It's a little mouseloft kit called Funky Shoe. Not sure what I am going to do with it but I'm sure I will work it out!

I also had a penguin finish :D

I finally got the back stitching done on this little one. It's been sitting around waiting for a week or two.

I also have another new start a Christmas Cow :D

I love it :D It definately appeals to my sense of humor. It's from my Christmas book that I bought at the craft fair.

I would also have another framed piece to show you as Jardin Prive - Sampler Aux Fleurs was at the framers and I did get it home but when I really looked at it they had cut the stitching off at the bottom and it was crooked in the frame. So back it went and they are fixing it. Very frustrating. But I loved the colours I chose to frame it in. Pictures hopefully soonish!

Happy Stitching everyone!

Tuesday 23 October 2012

I lost 2kgs this week!

So excited! I was looking at myself in the mirror this morning and I thought I saw a bit of a difference but I wasn't wanting to be too optimistic. I am looking forward to what comes this week.

Oh and to top that off I visited Spotlight this morning and only spent $40 on fabrics. I have enough fabrics for 4 bears and 2 owls :D ... though I only have the fabric left for 2 bears since I have already made 2 today.

I used the rocket ship fabric and the blue check today. The red and flowers are for one owl and the blue ones are another. I will show you the owl when I finally start it.

Here is the pattern laid out on the fabric I had to buy a length of this piece so I have enough for another.

So here is my little cousin's birthday present it is due on Saturday so at least I managed to get it done with plenty of time.

Here it is with his friend from yesterday :D

Now I did mention that I have made two bear today so here is the rocket ship bear.

You may notice that although the head looks alright the rest of the body s slightly deflated :D I haven 't managed to finish stuffing it yet and it is now bedtime! Hopefully I can finish it sometime inn the next day.

Happy Stitching

Monday 22 October 2012

I couldn't resist! I had to make it :D

I had one fat quarter and this pattern only took one ...

So I had to! I was telling you about the Funky Friends Factory yesterday. I signed up for their newsletter and got a free teddy pattern. So because it only took one fat quarter I had to make it.

So here is MCT or Multi-Coloured Ted as named by my Joey Scouts this evening.

Isn't she sooooo cute! It only took me a couple of hours this morning. So I think this is my first ever soft toy made out of fabric... I may have made one as a kid but don't think so.

I am going to spotlight tomorrow to get a couple of boy fabrics that I can use to make boy teddies. As I have a 1yr birthday party on Saturday and a newborn to do something for. So I may be making some more since they were so easy!

I also have some black and white patterned fabric that I may have some fun with.
Happy Stitching,

Sunday 21 October 2012

Craft and Quilt fair

It was an awesome awesome day!

There was so much to see and do throughout the day. I was going to go today as well but I spent too much yesterday to go today. Though I am still tempted! It's only 10 o'clock!

I visited the stall. I love that place! The guys are so lovely and they sell decent amounts of fabric for a decent price. Which is great for me as I buy fabric there in October for big things. By big things I do mean that I bought the fabric I need to do Maskerade Pale Dawn. I will use the excuse that it is only 15 colours but....

It's still 16x19 inches :D I will start this one after Christmas! If I don't find a chance to start it before then :D

Also they had Aida and Evenweave packs of offcuts. Which is great for doing smalls for Christmas and the like. I bought two packs with about 20 pieces all up. Some are quite a big size and they are all different counts and colours.

Sorry about the bad photos. There are some sparkly fabrics mixed in there and I'm looking forward to doing something with them :D

I also promised Phill I wouldn't buy ANY kits this time around and I kept my word... I didn't buy any kits but I can't say anything about the chart books!

I have been looking at the Stoney Creek Stitching to the Music book for a while. I love the pieces in it. That and I couldn't resist also buying the Christmas smalls book. Some really nice designs in there.

The pattern in the middle is one that both mum and I bought. It was one of three we bought from Funky Friends Factory. We also got Stu the Turtle and the Dippy Dinosaurs set. I am in LOVE with her designs! Looking at the pattern it is such an easy thing to make.  I will have to update you when I get around to making it... If I finish this post quickly and go out shopping for food now.... I could visit spotlight ... and start making it this afternoon!

Ohk I will update with quilt photos tomorrow :D

enjoy your day I'm going shopping!


Saturday 20 October 2012

So ... I have now joined weight watchers

I needed to ... not desperately but I was heading that way.

I weighed in at 84.7 kg which is 14.7kg(roughly 30 pounds) over my goal weight. I should be sitting at 70kg! It's not much but I managed to lose 10kg last time I was on the program and then in less than 2 years I managed to put it ALL back on plus more. I have a love of sugar! So now I am really watching what I eat and what I do which will be interesting but hopefully I can keep it off for my wedding which will hopefully be next year if I can plan it.

Onto happier news I am spending the day at the Brisbane Craft and Quilt Fair which is going to be wonderful! So I will have an update tomorrow hopefully :D


Sunday 14 October 2012

School project

As some of you may know I work as a relief teacher which means when teachers are sick I get called in to work. Unfortunately that does mean my phone rings at 6 o'clock in the morning with a job. But the plus side is I don't have to plan.

That means I need an easy stitching project for when I'm at school. Something simple for lunchtimes. So I bought a couple of little Christmas ornament kits from Spotlight one day when I was there. I still need to finish this one in the little frame it came with but, after a number of weeks work. (I don't get as much time as I like to pretend) Here is a little finish :D

Such a cute little design. It will make a wonderful gift for someone. Still haven't allocated gifts to anyone yet.

Now to pick my next school project.
Happy Stitching,

Friday 12 October 2012

Woohoo! I have a page finish!

It's almost midnight here but I have to shout it to the world. I have FINALLY finished page 2 of Afternoon Tea.

I am so excited :D Now just to make it clear about the two little arrows on this picture. They're showing where page 2 finished. I have been stitching over more than one page so I had the equivalent of page 2 long before I actually managed to finish it. That said am happy dancing at the moment and now this needs to desperately go away because I need to do Christmas stitching again. I haven't been able to put this down all week!

I love how things appear in a HAED! There is the top of the sugar pot, that bit of red. and the back of the chair. So many amazing purples appearing in this wonderful chair. I love the purple! So much gorgeous purple!

Anyway it is almost bedtime.
I do have a little bit of other stitching to show you tomorrow but that can wait :D


Monday 8 October 2012

So It's my Birthday :)

I have had a wonderful day :D a very very very wonderful day :D I spent most of it stitching!

Photos of that soon but presents first :D
 I didn't get anything stitchy but I think my mum said something about helping frame Sampler Aux Fleurs which would be wonderful!

I got a couple of books :D The new J.K. Rowling and a Terry Pratchet (not a discworld but still awesome) a couple of music books and some headphones so I can play my piano without everyone hearing it, which is great for practicing in the evening.

My sister gave me three pots full of gorgeous plants. Full of purple flowers and pretty colour, also  chicken I don't mind in my garden.

Also very exciting I have a Banana Chilli growing!

 Which will be very yummy when I can finally pick it :D It has a long way to grow. Though if my chickens had their way I wouldn't have any left as they love to get into my gardens.

So onto what you are actually here for ... my stitching.
For some reason I felt extremely excited to work on Afternoon Tea. I have done all the black and green on the second page and all I have left is the corner of the chair.

So so so close to a page finish but I have a little bit of confetti to get the rest of this done, and so reddish colours. I love the thought of more colours, something different than green, brown and black.

I also finished another penguin over the weekend and started another one.

and an angel singing Christmas carols...

Not quite as colourful as the party penguin series but I love the penguin anyway. Lots of penguins :D

Happy Stitching :D

Tuesday 2 October 2012

September WIPocalypse

I have been very very busy this month. Didn't realise how busy until I actually looked at what I posted last month. 

I talked a lot about Christmas goals and since last months post I have many many things to update with! I wanted to get at least 2-3 Christmas smalls done so that I would be organised for Christmas :D I think I finished that goal!

Two Skylines


Well I have one penguin finished! I am so bad about Rhona's penguins. The design is from Tangled Threads and she has so many awesome designs.

 and another one started :)

I started the second one on white to see the difference :D

So 4! ornaments finished and another one started :D I'm very very very happy :D We shall see how many I get next month.

Through all the Christmas stuff I was expecting to not get much done on Afternoon tea but this ...

turned it into this...
It's a bad photo but you can see the black that has been added since the previous photo. I had lots of fun with the black it is fun to just do.

In secret, I have been busy with Ink Circles though I really don't do as much as I want but oh well!

Slow and steady wins the race :D I may just need to change the finish line!

I'm not going to bother with a photo of Winter Fairy as I haven't managed anything on that one.

Now since I have just spent 1hr trying to get this post done I now need to desperately clean the house!

Happy Stitching,

p.s. I am not sure but all my images are stuffing up sorry if you can't see them properly!

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