Friday 28 July 2023

Crochet flower fairy

I needed to do something that wasn't cross stitch for a bit when something came across my ads on Facebook. It was a sunflower fairy that was reversible. So could be both a flower and a doll. I didn't end up getting that one I ended up down an Etsy rabbit hole. And picked up a reversible tulip fairy from ChibisCraft 

I didn't end up adding the wings but using Bendigo Woollen Mills cotton 8ply I made this purple tulip. I love how it turned out and Hannah loves her 'fower'.

I also picked up two new Crochet books. These ones are to make some Crochet dolls. I'm really excited to try these out. 
I love all the little outfits. I'm looking forward to creating little dolls with changeable outfits.

These books are so cute and all the photoshoots they did are so awesome!

I'm lost as which to begin with. They both look absolutely gorgeous!

so many cute ideas
I will have to make a decision soon because she really loves looking through these two books. And I think she will love the doll when it's there to be played with. 

Happy stitching,
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