Monday 30 January 2012

I LOVE knitting toys :D

So I've fallen in love with these dinosaur designs. I did say that it would be bad when I finished the hedgehog because it would start me on more projects.

So I've finished 2 little dinosaurs. They are so cute... only about 15cms long.and not exactly your typical dinosaur colours...

I also started a T-rex style dinosaur.

in bright blue :D I love this colour so much!

Oh and I did totally finish the hedgehog before I started these dinosaurs.

The soother just finishes the design and really makes it a baby hedgehog :D

Oh and I did do some work on Boxers :D

I do love this design. It is so much fun to work on :D


p.s. My grandma is all fine she now has her teeth and is feeling much better and expecting to fight the insurance company for her car. She isn't happy because my Grandpa gave her that car but she is very strong :D

p.p.s Oh it hasn't stopped raining here. We see the sun in small bursts and then it starts again. But not very heavy at the moment so areas haven't been flooding which is great! I can't wait for the rain to go away they're talking about it sticking around for most of this week... oh well!

Saturday 28 January 2012

Jessica's Theme

I'm learning this piece 'Jessica's Theme' for my grade 4 exam and it is just stunning. I'm doing 4 pieces when I only need 3 and unfortunately I have the feeling that this piece won't be on my final list because it's just too hard to get right and up to speed.

I just wanted to post something pretty. Enjoy the music


Friday 27 January 2012

My crazy day!

My day has been hell! it was on,y one part that was really bad. I spent the morning stitching and knitting to my hearts content then I get the call! My grandma called up, asking of I could take her to the dentist tomorrow to pick up her dentures. I was curious about why because grandma has her own car. Then she let's out the doozy! She doesn't have a working car at the moment because half hour before she had been in an accident. She drove through a red light just around the corner from home. So what does she do? She walks home. Doesn't bother to call me to see if she could get a lift. Before she calls me she calls the dentist to say she won't be getting there to pick up her dentures. She then calls me. I was so worried and hurt that her first thoughts weren't to tell us what happened and if she was alright. If it hadnt been for the teeth I wouldn't even know and nor would my mother for another couple of days. So I went up to grandmas to see how she was and organized with my sister to collect the teeth. Shes fine and isnt hurt which is good. I then went and baby sat for the past couple of hours. I will have photos tomorrow I've started knitting a dinosaur it's pink..... I have odd choices for colours... Anyway thanks for listening! Caitlin

Thursday 26 January 2012

TUSAL and stitching :D

Here are my ORTs sitting in front of Phill's lego. He has 4 and a half models now. The half is a half finished one spread over the living room floor.

It's a mess! But he's having so much fun!

It's getting there :D I am so excited! I will spend today stitching and hopefully have a better update later today because today is a Public Holiday - Australia Day to be exact :D

I will explain Australia Day to everyone later. Little bit of stitching to do now.


Tuesday 24 January 2012

Rain Rain Go Away!

Well we currently have torrential rain all over Brisbane meant to continue for the rest of the week. I really really really really really hope we don't get any flooding this time! Please rain we don't need you at the moment!


Monday 23 January 2012


Well it was IHSW this weekend and I signed myself up for it. I didn't get as much stitching as I would have liked but I got as much as I expected to get done.

ok now that I've yelled my exciting news :D I've started my HAED Afternoon tea.

I gridded and gridded and gridded for the last I don't know how many weeks and now I have a start.

I organised my box of threads. Made sure I could find the colours easily and the symbols.

So I set up my Q frame (11x17) and started stitching.
really bad photo!
I found that I definitely needed the light and I also needed to use the magnifying glass.
I'm not 100% happy with the way the stitches came out. I think it is because I was stitching in the corner of the fabric but it doesn't seem to want to sit nicely. The coverage is VERY dense and you can't really see the crosses. BUT I love love love love love working on it. I was constantly amazed by how tiny the stitches are. How small and the detail. I am looking forward to seeing more appear.

Now I did also work on boxers.
The guy on the right is totally done and I've started the crosses for the guy on the left.
Doesn't the backstitch really make him pop? I do have one question. In real life his eyes are almost neon white. What should  do ? Should I leave it or maybe use a grey instead of a white? Or maybe even black? I have no clue. They can stay as they are for a while....

Oh and I have finished my Hedgehog... well almost. I need to make a soother for her and a rattle but that can wait!

I don't really want to finish her because I don't know what I want to knit next and I feel wrong finishing and not starting something new even if I am cross stitching instead. I may just have to pick a pattern just in case.

So I've had lots and lots of pictures to show you :D
Have fun :D

Friday 20 January 2012

A Gorgeous Voice

This Girl has such a stunning and strong voice for one so small. I hope she looks after it.

Enjoy :D

Thursday 19 January 2012

This Time Last Year

This time last year Brisbane was flooded.

Those photos I showed you were taken this year. Last year the place was a mess. I was walking down the board walk at southbank when I took those photos.

Brisbane 2012
Southbank 2012
 This photo below is taken from up on the bank of this area. Not far from where the wheel is. That whole area was underwater.
Brisbane 2011

Brisbane 2011

news article

It all started with flash flooding in Toowoomba 2 hrs drive from Brisbane. It started to rain and within 15 minutes there was a flash flood down the main street of Toowoomba.

Down in Brisbane we had been having constant rain for days. When that stopped on Tuesday we were thankful as our dam was 10cm from going over. This wouldn't be good either as the water from Toowoomba and Grafton floods was heading our way as well as the water being let out from the dams so that it didn't overflow.

Ipswich which is upriver of Brisbane went under by 20 something metres. Whole streets went under. Brisbane went under 5ms but it was flatter land and a lot more people were affected.

This is another photo from the southbank area. These sit up away from the river a little bit. but you couldn't tell from this photo.

Whole Suburbs went under.

Photo from here
This site has some very interesting photos.
as does this site

There are areas of Brisbane that still haven't been cleaned properly with houses in ruins. But the best thing that came from it was after the flood waters cleared was the absolute mass of volunteers surging in from everywhere that didn't get affected to help with the cleanup. They had so many volunteers they couldn't actually find work for all of them. Stores sold out of gumboots. It was amazing to see the support from everyone and the help they could give in the time of need.

Oh and while brisbane was flooding so was most of Queensland, plus northern new south wales which flooded 3 times in that year alone. Then the only part of Queensland not flooded was devastated by a cyclone a couple of weeks later. Oh the fun of Australia!

Hopefully this year will start better and it will be another 35 years before we see another flood like this one.

Wednesday 18 January 2012

Back to the Knitting!

I have been knitting again. My little hedgehog has been sitting there with no head and no arms and now I have finished a head :D

Here's where I left it!
He is looking lovely and cute now :D I just need to get the arms on and then the bib and extra stuff :D So Cute!


Friday 13 January 2012

Another dog down

I have finished the far dog on the right :D

Before I go onto the dog on the left I'm doing some of the back stitch which has been hell! Until I swapped needles to a sharp needle. When the backstitch is done I will update with another photo :D

I'm almost there :D I can feel it getting close.


Wednesday 11 January 2012

Celtic Woman

the story of this video is just wonderful! I can't wait until the DVD and CD are released at the end of the month! It just makes me happy :D


Tuesday 10 January 2012


Heather is having a lovely giveaway. Head over and check it out

Book Reviews - Foundation and Finding the Way by Mercedes Lackey

Ohk ohk, I have been reading ... and these do count towards the book challenge because I did buy them before January first ... JUST! I bought them 2 days before. I love Mercedes Lackey books and if I had my way I would buy them all straight away. All hundred of them! well maybe not that many books but she's written a LOT. 30 books just about a land called Valdemar. Which I love reading about and both these books are about that land.

Now to explain Valdemar to all those people who have never read these books. Many years ago a Baron called Valdemar ran away from an evil emperor who was mistreating everyone. He took all his people and they ran as far as they could. They then created a land that was free from tyrany. The people made the Baron their king and he lived for many years. Late in his life he started to wonder how to keep his people from falling under the hands of another dictator. He knew his son and grandson were kind and just people but how could he insure that all the rulers would be kind? He went out into a field and prayed and prayed to all the gods for some sort of help. That morning when the sun came up three 'horses' appeared, these are the companions. they are spirit guides. Every king/queen of Valdemar must be a herald but they had another job. To watch over the land and keep it safe.

These spirit horses or companions only choose people with kind and just hearts and certain gifts. These gifts range from mind reading through the flame throwing and everything in between. If you want to know more read the books :D


This book is set in the time when they created the collegium to teach the young heralds about the kingdom and the laws so that when they become full heralds they can uphold these laws and look after the land. Not everyone wanted the collegium to be created it was a big change. Trainees had always been taught by a mentor but with 60 new trainees who would be there to teach everyone? How could the Heralds that were there teach everyone? It follows one boy as he is chosen and he grows up to learn that he can have friends and that maybe he can make a BIG difference to the world with just the right words.

Finding The Way

This book is actually a collection of short stories about Valdemar. Only one has been written my Mercedes Lackey the rest have been written by other authors although Mercedes Lackey is the editor of this book.
It's all sorts of stories about different people finding a purpose, or a reason. Going on a journey and learning that you can't do everything.

The Books
Now if you have never read any of Mercedes Lackey's books I would highly recommend them to anyone. If you like Fantasy and twists of romance you don't have to look any further. A good place to start is with the Arrows of the Queen, Arrows Flight and Arrows Fall. She tends to write in Trilogies, but they also all fit together with each other.

Please be warned though if you like them you will be caught forever. She has written so many books and they always catch you and you don't want to put them down. It's hard here because I can never find them in the bookstores since Borders closed down and it's cheaper to buy from the book depository.

I kinda hope this has peaked someone elses interest. I am the only one of my friends quite so obsessed with this author. Mainly because I'm the only one that bothers to order in the books.


Monday 9 January 2012

January WIPocalypse 2012

So I have a finish to show for this month's WIPocalypse! I have been caught by carres du Printemp so I have now finished the stitching. The wine was spilled on the top left hand corner over the top 2 designs. There is no mark to show that it happened. I am so happy!

The fabric fit the 10 biscornus perfectly! I love to see it, the colours just zing. There are ten squares and ten blank ones for the backs. It's been so easy to watch them come together. So exciting.

Here are all the close ups :D I can't wait till I get around to sewing them up as biscornus so I can display them next year on my tree. Hopefully they will go up on my own tree in my own house next year. It's a high possibility.

I've also been busy on my boxers though not as much as I thought I would because I got caught by the biscornus.
He's looking more like a dog. and less like white blobs. I shall have a lot more done on this one next time.


Saturday 7 January 2012

Wine and stitching

Well I tried some of my lovely new wine tonight since we got home after 15hrs driving. It's great to be home! Anyway my sister was drinking white wine and managed to pour it all over my cross stitch! I ran screaming into the bathroom with my stitching and dosed it in water. I absolutely freaked. Thankfully it's my biscornus on the grey fabric and I rinsed them straight away. It's drying now and I can't see any marks. I will post a full picture for wipocalypse on Monday where you can have a look. So warning to everyone don't let your sister drink wine near your stitching! Caitlin

Wednesday 4 January 2012

Knitting Fun

Well for Christmas my Aunt gave me a knitting book that is just awesome! There are a couple ... most of the projects .... that I want to try.

It's called The Gentle Art of Knitting - Jane Brocket

I seem to have a draw towards making my own dishcloths ... They just seem so simple and its something I could use everyday.

This design is so simple and plain, I can see myself churning them out.

Even though the book is all about knitting there are a couple of crochet projects just because crochet is easier to make some things.

I absolutely love this design. I can see myself making a blanket but I just don't know if I would finish it! It would be a great thing to have my own blanket on the bed. I've been thinking about it for a while but I didn't want to quilt one because they cost a mint but so do crochet blankets but a slightly less mint and it can be done in tiny parts. I will have to think ... the other problem is getting the wool to here. I can't find the really nice wool very easily here which is a great thing as I don't buy any.

The other problem with these projects is that they would be on top of whatever cross stitch that I want to do. Oh the choices!


Tuesday 3 January 2012

Wineries and Stitching :D

Well we spent the day wandering around wineries outside Canberra... and I forgot my camera! We bought a couple of nice whites, a port and a dessert wine. I was feeling a little woozy by the end of the wineries!

BUT I do have stitching pictures :D

I've been powering along with these biscornus as they are small and I can take them when visiting people. I only have 5 more to go and I did start the 6th one today though I'm not far into it.

I love the colours of these and the simplicity of the design but also how great they look. I am thinking of adding a tie onto them so that I can use them as my christmas decorations set next year. I want them to be special. All I really know is that they are mine.

More stitching tomorrow I have been working on boxers I just need to take a photo!
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