Tuesday 30 August 2011

Christmas Kangaroo finished

I added a tree to this little guy and moved his paws. He also has a cool elf-like hat. I thoroughly enjoyed making this little guy and as soon as I can get a program to write patterns (any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!) I will have this one up on my blog.

This was the first time I've ever worked with metallics but they really make it pop! I love the affect.

Christmas Kangaroo
But all I know is that he is a really really cute guy and I may have to stitch a couple for cards!


Monday 29 August 2011

christmas kangaroo

I have one problem with a lot of the christmas designs you find around the place. They are all about snow and cold stuff, like snowmen. Unfortunately I have never seen a white christmas as living where we do I would scared to see a white christmas as it's in the middle of summer! So none of the designs are really relevant. So today I started to fiddle and design a kangaroo. Here is the backstitch outline. I really want your opinions, he's only small so he can go on cards etc. I haven't actually added any christmas stuff yet. Just trying to work out the kangaroo.

When I'm done I'll draw up the pattern and upload it here for everyone to use if they want.

Boxers :D

As of yesterday evening when I went to bed this is what boxers looked like. I have actually left some threads hanging as well I've never done that before. Just getting myself ready for my HAED! I like the colours that are appearing.

This one is on 16ct aida which is finer than I have worked before having only ever worked on 14ct. I'm enjoying it immensely but I will be very glad when I have my JE to work on as well so I can get away from the browns.


Saturday 27 August 2011

A giveaway

Head over to crossstitch drama queen she is having a giveaway with some gorgeous fabrics :D

A start

Well I have made a start on my new project. It is all tacked up and ready to go and on my frame. I have done a couple of hours work ... It is going to be interesting ...
Boxers - 27/8/11
The dogs are brindle in colour and I think in one patch there are at least 10 different browns in a 10x10 square! It will take a while. I was working from the middle and branching out with each colour until i ran out of thread then starting a new colour from the middle. That's why it is a bit everywhere. This part is the back of on of the boxers.

I won't be working on this one exclusively otherwise the browns will kill me! I can't wait 'til my packages arrive in the mail. I have a HAED coming and fabric for a JE. I will order the threads when I get paid next week. ALSO my mum has agreed to buy me a snap frame for my birthday which is at the beginning of October so I will have to get her to order them very very very very soon!

That is all my stitching news for the moment but it is exciting to see a start. I love to watch the stitching grow.


Friday 26 August 2011

and it's finished!

Lickle Ted - FINISHED
woohoo! It's finally finished! Now onto the next project. I have the boxers ready to go :D Can't frame this one yet though I have to wait until the baby is born to put the name and date on it. It's 2mths away so I call this finished for the moment!


Tuesday 23 August 2011

:D guess what!

Lickle Ted
So I've started the backstitch still need to do the head, bunny and arm. I love watching this design come alive with the backstitch. It seems like a silly collection of tiny annoying lines until you look at what you've done and it just comes to life.

To answer a question, yes I did change it from pink to green. I don't know the sex of the baby and she's not due until October so I wasn't going to put this off. I figured green would be a great colour and I didn't want to do pastel green which is so boring so its a darker almost forest green in some parts. I love colour.

Monday 22 August 2011

Lickle Ted - crosses done now onto backstitching!

:D All the cross stitch is done as well as all the half crosses. Now onto the back stitching! That will take a little while it is a bit picky going with lots of fiddly parts. This is where I wish I had been stitching on evenweave!

Friday 19 August 2011

I gave in

So I got paid this past week and decided to treat myself on a couple of things. With Lickle Ted finishing up in the next couple of weeks I need another project to start on since to have and to hold is also done.

I bought a HAED. Only one and this is the only one I intend to buy for a while. But I bought it to try it out! I may as well start somewhere and he is such a cute design!
Afternoon Tea

I also bought the fabric to start the winter fairy. She will be started before the HAED but after Boxers.

Winter Fairy
Actually because I tend to live in 2 places at once I am thinking of setting boxers up at mum and dad's and the winter fairy up at Phill's that way I can work on one or the other depending where I'm staying that night. Boy will I be glad when we finally get a house!

Lickle Ted :)

Hello everyone, I have my stitching bug back :D I am almost finished the rabbit except for the pink in the ears and the back ground is getting there. The dark green is almost done I just need to finish the last little bit. Then I have to put the purple shadows underneath. I will be able to start another one, soon I just need to decide what I want to start. I think it will be the boxers. But I have bought the fabric for JEs winter fairy. I have to think about that one a bit more and work out what frame to use.

This is a question for my followers what sorts of frames do you use for big pieces. I have one I use for little ones but what do you use for big stuff.


Thursday 18 August 2011

Rest of the photos

Here are the rest of the photos from the Ekka.

This is the RACQ club recovery vehicle it is a land rover so I just had to take a photo of it. We don't have any of these. We have series 1s and series 3s but no 2s.

I also saw a tonne of quilts!

Lastly I did buy a couple of showbags :D a Better homes and gardens one and some food ones. I also couldn't resist this little guy
Leapy the Lemur
He is a beanie kid collectible that was too cute to resist actually they were all too cute but I didn't want to buy the showbag because it came with a pile of other stuff that I didn't want so I just bought him. Now I need to woork out where he will sit. I want to find a place for him in my car without him being destroyed or in my vision at all. hmmm thinking ....

But all in All it was a wonderful day and I had so much fun. Lots of money to spend though on one day out.


I WON, I WON, I WON! *dances around*

Ohk party over .... maybe... so my cross stitch won the novice catergory of the Royal Queensland Show or the EKKA :D

Land In Sight on display with it's ribbon just below :D
And here was my competition.
These two got second and third and for the life of me I can't remember which one got which ribbon not that it matters too much they are both by the same lady.

Unfortunately now that I've won this year I can't stay in the novice catergory and I have to compete against these lovely ladies!
This one won the linen catergory I think it is stitch on a 32 ct 1 over 1 however it's been done it is TINY!
This one won the aida cross stitch catergory. (sorry about the bad photo)

I liked this one and it didn't win anything
This one didn't win either.
So next year I have a lot to live up to! Actually it will be quite difficult. Oh well... all I can do is have fun and be proud of what I have done whether I win or not!

More pictures coming up next post I just have to go to work now!

Sunday 14 August 2011

Lickle Ted UPDATE again :D

Well I'm on fire! I spent 4 hours stitching on Lickle Ted while sitting for one of my familys (the boy gets annoyed if I say baby sitting for them). Lickle ted is done except for the back stitching. I just need to finish the toy rabbit and the back ground. It's looking gorgeous, I started the green a little bit because I wanted a break from the browns. I am so happy with the colours.

Lickle Ted 13-8-11
My cousin is going to be so excited when he sees this ... actually my cousin's partner will be more excited I think it's a girl thing but they know it's coming and both went awww over the picture so I'm happy.


Friday 12 August 2011

Lickle Ted UPDATE

:D I have been stitching!  WOOHOO!!!! The bug is back.

Doesn't he look wonderful! I was getting very sore eyes from the dull colours with very little difference so I broke out some of the darker browns :D It's SOOOOOO exciting. Actually everything is exciting at the moment!


It's EKKA time again!

It's that time again, every year the EKKA comes to Brisbane for 10 expensive days of fun!

I've been doing some reading about the history of the show and it is fascinating. It first started in 1876 as a chance for country and urban Queenslanders to all get together. They had a record number of 17 000 visitors which is enormous considering that Brisbane only had a population of 22 000.

The first 'Royal' show was held in 1921 when they got a warrant from King George 5th to run a royal show. The show is actually 2 parts the Exhibition and the Royal Queensland Show. Shortened of course to EKKA. There have only been 2 years that the EKKA hasn't been held. In 1919 when Brisbane had a spanish flu epidemic, and in 1942 when the showgrounds was being used by the Army as a staging depot for troops moving north.

To see more photos check out triple m

 Now the Entertainment is a blend of Sideshow Alley (a sure way to lose a LOT of money) to the Pavilions. There is every animal imaginable and all sorts of competitions. There is one pavilion just for fruit displays. I love going to that one, they use fruit and vege to make amazing pictures. I will post photos when I go on Wednesday.

Of course my favourite sections are the quilting and crafts. This year I put in 'Land In Sight' into the show (first time ever putting something in the EKKA) According to friends and the competition information online I WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I won the novice catergory for cross stitch.

I will go in on Wednesday and get photo proof, and show you some of the displays up now when I get in. I can't stop grinning!


Sunday 7 August 2011

What I've been doing with myself


I haven;t been around much. We've been kinda distracted in the evenings, playing games. My sister has got back into scrabble with a vengence!

I was really impressed with this board. That little corner down the left is all my doing. I managed to make a 9 square that makes perfect sense. Actually we put a lot of those words into this game, ones that double up other words. I spent quite a bit of time reading the dictionary while doing this game. I have a BIG BIG BIG dictionary! It's A4 size and about 10cm thick! You can find most words in it without having to find another book but it does take a while to find words and then we had arguments whether some of the more foreign words would be allowed.

So I have absolutely no stitching to show you or any pictures of craft but I have a scrabble board :D

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