Saturday 16 February 2013

Doily Fun

I haven't been stitching much this last little while I had a compulsion to try making Doilies!

I started looking at Ravelry and having all sorts of fun finding free patterns. I started with this one
I loved the look of it and it seemed easy. I had to fiddle with the colours though to make it suit me.

Purple and greens and a greeny brown.

It is the perfect doily for living under this ornament that was given to us for an engagement present.

I didn't just catch the bug with one Doily though I caught it with 3!

This one is called Pretty Pineapples: yellow doily (though I did it in purple) and can be found here

I thoroughly enjoyed working on this one. The colour is wonderful and the design was really easy to stitch up.  It only took a couple of days.

The last doily is only part done. While I was looking at the pineapple doilies I was shown to the website their latest magazine had a doily called spring break. I loved the look of it and it was a bit more difficult than the pineapples.

I would have more done but I don't have the colour I want to use for the next section.

It is really awesome using techniques and stitches that I haven't used before. They look so pretty when they are finished too. :D

Happy Stitching I'm going shopping for the colour I want!

Monday 11 February 2013

Life always gets in the way.

I am finally getting around to posting my progress today... I meant to post it a couple of days ago... but as the title says life gets in the way.

I haven't been feeling the best for a couple of months now so I went to the doctor for a blood test so hopefully it can be solved really easily. That was on Friday morning, by Friday evening I was in bed with a migraine. I haven't had a migraine for years. I don't know if it was lack of water, or a reaction to the blood test or something else entirely! So I spent most of the weekend recovering from a really sore head and didn't stitch a thing.

I have been stitching a lot, just not this weekend, as I haven't been working much with the new year. I have a big update on Winter Fairy.

Last update she looked like this:
Now she looks like this:

I've even done some back stitching which is great as it gets some of that task out of the way, and it makes the rabbit look better.
You can also see the bits of sparkle as I've added some of the metallic threads in as well.

I do have other stuff to show you but I'm exhausted so I will show you more pictures tomorrow!
Happy Stitching :)

Saturday 2 February 2013

Friday 1 February 2013

Giveaway :D

Heather over at Heather's Stitching Story is having a giveaway of some country cottage needleworks and Little House Needleworks charts.

thanks :D
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