Thursday 29 January 2015

WIP Thursday

So Wednesday was a good day but it just got away with me and by the time I even remembered to post I was tucked up in bed about to go to sleep. So it just didn't happen.

Now I have been stitching quite a bit but like most stitching at the moment I can't show you my progress because I think she reads/at least sees the pictures from my blog. Though I have managed a tiny amount on Baroque.

Everytime I see photos of this project I think I LOVE the colours and how they look. It is such an exciting piece.

That said I am making a whole pile of stuff at the moment. I showed you the skirt I made Lana on Sunday and I've already got another one started this one will be made from a pair of old jeans.

I've cut them out here and I've got to sew the skirt bottom on sometime ... when I can get the iron onto the fabric and then cut it up.
This pair of jeans was about 4 inches too short (she's very long in the legs) and very ripped around the knees. The waist band though still fits with plenty of room so I'll take advantage of that and use it.

I have also been in a finishing mood. I managed to almost finish a turtle that has been hanging around in a box for the last year waiting for me to sew the last couple of parts. Maybe not quite that bad but.....

Now I say almost finished because I just need to add the eyes the only problem is I'm debating what colour and the felt is all upstairs and that is too far to bother yet. It will get done but not quite yet....

Oh well, happy stitching everyone I'm going to continue with avoiding my assignment.

Sunday 25 January 2015

Lots of crafting this weekend

It has been raining most of the weekend and the kids actually got their cross stitch out and were having so much fun.

 She's almost finished :D Just has to do the back stitch and it's going to look so pretty.

And sorry this photo is refusing to turn on it's side! This is Caiden's work. He has finally finished his Gene Simmons KISS cross stitch by cloudsfactory. Then in one day he finished the rocket raccoon by dork stitch. He's firing along and already started an iron man cross stitch.

I have also been stitching along and having an absolute ball. Though I can't show you my cross stitch it's a secret.

I can show you a sewing project I started and finished today :D I was so excited about this project I have been talking about making Lana a skirt all summer holidays but it was always so hard to get started. So instead I talked to my mother today and with her encouraging me and being the sounding board I managed to start and finish a skirt.

It's very very simple just some quilting fabric sewn selvedge to selvedge with a band added on the top and gathered in.

It looks so lovely on her, though she isn't happy in this photo because Caiden kept pushing into the photo.

Happy stitching,

Friday 23 January 2015

Death and Susan

I've been on a bit of a Terry Pratchet binge at the moment. I love reading his books and I have most of them as audio books as well which is great when I need to zone out while doing cross stitch or other crafts.

I haven't felt like designing for a while but I put together a list of projects I want to do this year and this one just called to me.

I love Terry pratchet and out of all the characters I have always found death to be a bit of a conundrum. He is almost human and shows many of the traits needed but he keeps having to fight it to be death. Then there is Susan who is mostly human and shares some of Death's genetics despite not techincally sharing any genes. Apparently the ability to walk through walls can be inherited.

So here you have Susan and Death. There is no justice... just me.

Hope you enjoy my new pattern :D I had so much fun making it today!'

Happy Stitching,

Wednesday 21 January 2015

Thoughts on my mind

It's been a very hard week for me for numerous reasons. I know I've been debating whether I have been wanting to talk about it here or not but in the end I'm needing to write this post and we'll see.

James had surgery on his shoulder on Wednesday and he's come out of it great but the stress on all of us beforehand took it's toll. I was very unsettled and have found it incredibly difficult to settle since then also James is home during the week instead of at work and he is BORED! That and he can't move or do things like he would like to as his right arm is essentially out of commission which is very frustrating for a man who spends most of his days outside and doing something.

That and it's only a week (less really) until the kids go back to school and they are BBBBOOOOORRRRREEEEEDDDDDDD!!!!!! Whined very long and loud. They have had enough of each other to the point that they are fighting and arguing just to have something to do as soon as they wake up! It's less than a week and I'm counting down!

But despite all the upset and changes I have managed to get a little bit of stitching in. Mainly today as that is when the kids went to vacation care and I got a chance to sit down for long enough with the head space to actually work on something.

See the pretty motif coming to life :D it looks so lovely and flowery and pretty :D It makes me so happy to see it emerging.

I've also been journalling a bit. I got some of my photos printed from Harvey Norman and I've been slowly organising them in the matching pockets. I will need to put some pretty papers in there but I have some hidden somewhere in my stash.

I'm going to have to find a better way to store all my stuff for this journal. At the moment it is sprawled across the table as I don't have a good way to organise or sort it. That is a task for another day.

So hope you managed to keep up with the rambling and enjoyed the couple of crafty photos.

Happy Stitching,

Friday 16 January 2015

How to make a Fabric Book Cover - Part 3

So now I'm going to explain how to sew it all up. If you missed Part 1 and Part 2 here are the links to the posts.

Sewing up the cover

Lay out your front cover with the right side facing up.

This is the point if you haven't already you should trim the front and sides so they are all even and match up to your pattern. That way when you sew it up you know that the pieces are the right size and you can catch every edge.

Note: when you place the pockets on the fabric make sure the card pocket (if you made one) has the cards closest to the front fabric and the folds are in the centre.

Next cut the inside fabric out of a piece of plain fabric. Don't waste a fancy fabric you won't see much of it just a little in the middle at the top and bottom. Make it match but don't make it fancy. A plain homespun in matching colour would work great.

Cut it the size of your pattern.
Lay it right side down and pin it all together.

 sew a quarter inch seam around the edge of the cover leaving an opening at the top for you to pull through the fabric. Leave the gap between the two flaps so there is only the front and back and the flap is solidly sewn into the edging.
As you can kinda see in this photo the gap is at the bottom.

Turn your stitching the right way out and fold down the seam at the gap.

There are two ways to finish this off and I recommend trying it on the book before you decide. The way I finished off my journal cover was to top stitch around the edge just inside. This closes off the opening.

For my mum's journal, for some reason I found it slightly tighter on the cover than I wanted, so instead of top stitching around the edge I used an invisible stitch/ ladder stitch to close it so that it wasn't visible.

SO here is your finish :D I want to see what you lovely people are able to come up with.

Good luck!
Happy Stitching,

Monday 12 January 2015

Finished cloths

I'm always so excited to show off a new finish :D and these cloths really didn't take me long to make at all.

The top cloth is the same as a couple I did at the end of last year. I love the effect of this cloth, it's so easy to do. It's called Grandmother's favourite and can be found on Ravelry.

I was going to make them both plain purple but then I had to add in some green to brighten it up a bit more. The second cloth I designed myself, it's basically just trebles with a couple of coloured rows mixed in. I did my favourite edging of a reverse double crochet.


Happy Stitching,

Sunday 11 January 2015

Instagram this week :D

I've realised I don't get many followers of my blog reading my instagram and visa versa. So because I'm doing a couple of photo challenges over there at the moment and just sharing a couple more photos at the moment that I haven't got around to sharing here I wanted to share them all with you.

These photos start from New Years Eve when I was camping down at Ballina. Sitting around the fire (a far way back because it was HOT!) Working on my Diamond Vest.

My Capture 30 Selfie. This is me at the beginning of 2015. 

My journal with the envelope inserts just put in. You will see lots of journal photos because one of the sets of photos I'm doing at the moment is the capture 30 class photos. 
This also fit in among my other photo challenge by @scoutiegirlblog. Day 2 Organisation

 I'm finally getting the energy to sew back :D mum your christmas present is slowly coming together you'll have it soon. Day 4 - Energy

I went walking in the pouring rain. I will get the exercise in. Day 5 - Renewal

Woohoo another Journal this time for my mum is all done :D she loves it which is even better. Day 6 - Completion

Afternoon Tea. My phone is broken so I can take photos but need to use my tablet to post them. A lengthy process. Day 8 - Colourful. I love the colour of summer fruits. 

Capture 30 - we were told to find our favourite pens. I love papermate Ink Joy pens. I just wish they came in thinner pens. They are awesome to write with, so smooth on the paper. I also love that you can get purple. Day 9 - Style We all find a style that works for us. What's your favourite pen?

Capture 30 I've finally got my projectlife inserts for my photos but unfortunately I have to punch the holes to make them fit in my planner but they do fit well. I've also got my 5 everyday into my planner now and my goals. 

Fun in the sun such a great way to spend a hot afternoon. Day 10 - Clean. After all the soap on the black plastic they didn't need a shower. 

I'm making a set of facecloths for myself. They are so pretty and purple :D

This photo is for the #saturdaynightcraftalong. I would love to see more people join in if you have an instagram account it's always great fun to see what others are working on. 

I hope you enjoyed my instagram photos from this week and maybe I'll catch you around instagram otherwise I think I'll have to share my photos here more often.

Happy Stitching,

Friday 9 January 2015

How to make a fabric book cover - Part 2

If you haven't been following this series of tutorials, or even if you have you can find Part 1 here and Part 3 

Part 2 - Making the Inside Pockets

In this part I'm going to teach you how to make the inside pockets.

For a simple pocket you need one piece of fabric that is twice the width of the pocket you are going to make to hold it to the book. If you are just making a book cover make it about half the width of the book. If you want to cover the inside of the book you can make it almost as wide as the cover. It is up to you as long as it is wider than half, I find that holds best.

Now here comes the fun part. How to make business card pockets for your journal.

I'm no expert I kinda made this up as I went but I enjoyed it a lot.

 Now the way the inside pockets work is they are a folded piece with the fold on the inside and the exposed edges get caught in the edges when it is sewn up.

You need a piece of fabric wider than your business card and quite long and a business card to measure from.

As you can see here by the pictures you just fold the fabric over creating a pocket using the card as a measurement. Iron the fabric down after each fold to hold it in position.

Now here is where I made a mistake when I sewed it up. It is really important to sew it so that the seams just run either side of the card with not much gap. I left too much of a gap and the cards slide out because it's too loose.

Because I folded down the fabric so much for the card slots I needed to add some more to make it long enough and then I added more on the left and right to turn it into a pocket. The pink fabric is folded over and goes all the way to the end of the purple. This creates the first pocket. If you want to business cards to be on the front you need to make sure the fold it to the right of the cards like it is here.

I added a decorative stitch down the edge of the pink to make it look pretty.

 As you can see here I made two pockets for the front and one for the back.

Now here is where I made a mistake with laying them out. Do you know how I mentioned in the first post how I didn't cut my template with the edge on it? Well here is where that became a problem. because I didn't measure these flaps properly against the template I found when I sewed it up (I'll tell you how next post) I didn't catch all the flaps the whole way around.

Place your front fabric down and lay the flaps on top with the folds in the centre. Make sure that your business card slot is face down on the front fabric. That way when it's turned around it will be visible.

If you've cut your template right just make sure the flaps are the right size and cut them to match the size of your template. If you've been good like I haven't sewing them all together will be super easy because everything will have been cut to size.

Look out for Part 3 - Sewing up the journal cover which will be coming very soon. I'm not going to have a month between posting this time. I'm writing the next post right now :D

Happy Stitching,

Wednesday 7 January 2015

WIP Wednesday 7/1

Welcome back for the new year :D I'm so excited to be back. I've been camping and getting very excited about all my plans for the new year.  I've finally managed to finish my mother's Christmas present.

I am finding that the Capture 30 class is forcing me to think and to plan and get excited about what this year is going to bring. SO along that vein I am also doing a photo challenge on instagram by scoutiegirlblog. I'm enjoying having a broad section of photos and wanting to capture memories and photos. 

Now I do have some WIPs to show you. One you haven't seen for a while. I started working again on my diamond vest and I'm up to the front.

Sorry about the light in the photos. It has been raining on and off for the last couple of days and I haven't remembered to take photos when the sun has been out.

I've also been knitting myself some more facecloths. I got given some more balls of Bendigo cotton on Christmas and I'm using the lavendar purple to make a set of cloths for myself.

Now I have been cross stitching but I will have to keep it secret for the moment but I can show you a sewing finish!

I've been sewing my mum a journal of her own so she can keep track of her students this year.

Happy Stitching,

Saturday 3 January 2015

Capture 30

On an impulse I signed up for a journalling class called Capture30 by Heidi Swapp. It's being run by big picture classes through the month of January and the idea is to help you learn how to capture those memories throughout the year. Now I say it's an impulse I have been eyeing this class for a couple of months when I was first told about it but I was trying to be good.

I'm so excited to share some of what I've already done. We were asked to make a list of 15 facts, dreams, weaknesses, strengths whatever we felt was important to us now. Here is my list.

15 things ABOUT ME in 2015

  1. I HAVE to create stuff. It doesn’t matter what but I have to be constantly making something.
  2. I’m a stress head. I manage to constantly stress myself out over nothing.
  3. I have tried planning a couple of times before but a Daily plan never works for me, so I made my own journal to capture as I want.
  4. I need routines and plans but I rarely manage to stick to them very well.
  5. I’ve never done any sort of serious scrapbooking before, but I want to start collecting memories
  6. Nothing can beat PURPLE.
  7. I love music and am enjoying playing my trumpet again. I missed not having music for 8 years.
  8. I’m not confident in the kitchen but my goal this year is to expand myself and try new recipes.
  9. I’m still looking for full time work but this year will be my year to find what I want to be.
  10. I love to help and teach people but I know I can’t teach anymore in the classroom. It’s just too stressful.
  11. I love a good cup of tea to wake me up in the morning and sitting and just enjoying while I wake up.
  12. This year I’m going to LIVE, LOVE and LAUGH my way through. I want to get out and do instead of just talking about it.
  13. I’m the world’s best procrastinator but I’ve found that lists do help me sometimes….
  14. I love my family and friends and cherish the time I get to spend with them.
  15. I’m going to get healthy and fit this year and learn how to look after myself not just everyone else.

We were given a lovely envelope printable but I decided to make my own. I think it looks so lovely here.

We were also asked to come up with a quote to inspire us. We were given a great one but I found that Live, Laugh, Love seems to be calling me at the moment. I love the simplicity.

I'm going to put something on the back of the envelope I just don't know what yet.

I've also printed off my monthly calendar from Raine Lime Tree. It is their free printable calendar. I've just printed it on paper so I've used washi tape to reinforce the holes of each of the pages.

I'm loving this class so far I find it's been inspiring and interesting without being difficult or time consuming to achieve. I'm putting a bit more effort into some parts than I need to but that's because it's mine.

Is anyone else going to be journalling this year? What are your plans for the year ahead?

Happy Stitching,

Thursday 1 January 2015

The year to come .... 2015

After looking back at last year I'm really excited to see what is going to come of 2015. Although I'm going to make some yearly goals I will be making some bi-monthly goals that I want to achieve.

So here are some of my goals:

For my blog
  • Change my logo and look by the end of January (December just became too crazy)
  • Continue to post each Wednesday for my WIP Wednesday. 
  • Continue adding posts to my Friday tutorial series
For my crafts
  • Work on Baroque, Afternoon Tea, Winter Fairy and Masquerade Pale Dawn throughout this year.
  • Continue working on my granny stripe blanket once it cools down a bit more. 
  • Work some more with my new cotton, I want to come up with all sorts of projects to use it on. 
  • Finish some new/old small cross stitch
  • Enjoy making and sharing my crafts. 
 For me
  • Find a job
  • Live, Laugh, Love
  • Get fit again, get out and enjoy myself.

 You can see here there is nothing concrete, I'm not trying to achieve everything. I just want to make my goals achievable for me right now. I will get more specific when I make my short term goals as I can know what is going to happen to me during that time.

Happy Stitching and a Happy New Year,
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