Saturday 30 April 2011

Cleaning Fun

I will start this with a simple statement. I HATE cleaning! But I never seem to be able to do little things each night to make the whole cleaning easier in the end. No I make it hard for myself, every time. I have just spent 2 hrs cleaning my room and I still haven't finished. But the floor is all clean and the clothes all away. All I have left are a couple of little things to organise.

But on a positive note I have done more of my cross stitch. LIS is looking good with another colour on the boat.
On the other hand I have been naughty and started another project. But there is a reason. It is just too hard to carry around the big frame everywhere so I have a little project that I am doing so I can carry it in my enormous handbag.
It is the start of one of the frogs from the Tree Frog Trio.

Well I have procrastinated enough I am going to go and attack the rest of the cleaning now ... wish me luck.

Thursday 28 April 2011

Hummel and Babysitting!

Well it has been a very productive evening. I was asking to baby sit this evening as my friend had to take her daughter to a concert (school) and really didn't want to have to take the boys as well. So after teaching this afternoon I head over to her house to find the boys in a wonderful mood. It was quite a lazy evening, a little bit of homework left to do and then bedtime. The oldest put himself to bed and the youngest got a story and then lights out. I then set myself up under her craft lamp and that is where I was found having done quite a lot of Land In Sight!
The boat is actually starting to appear as a boat! they are no longer floating in mid air. Which really doesn't work very well for them. It was a very nice way to spend an evening babysitting.

I realise that I enjoy taking photos as I do my work so I can see how much I've actually done in a session I can see the progress.

On a totally different note, I am feeling very lonely at the moment. My fiance has gone boating for the week and he is sleeping on a boat somewhere North while I am left to work. Although it is productive I miss being able to talk to him whenever I want. He is such a sweetie, and he always has a good nod for my crafts though I think he really doesn't understand my drive to craft. I remain ever hopeful of getting him to actually participate and do some crafts with me. I got him to pick up a crochet hook once but that didn't last for very long.

Oh well, time for bed.

Tacking fun

I know how it is normal to just start the cross stitch But I find it much easier to tack all the ten lines first before braving that first stitch. I was bored of doing cross stitch last night, or maybe it was just more in the mood for tacking but I have the next two kits all tacked up ready to go. They are good kits too. Tree frog trio by dimensions which is a see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil. It brings back memories of my favourite shirt (well one of them) my dad gave it to me after he came back from one of his trips.

The other design is a dimensions design from the gold collection petites - warm and fuzzy. It has a gorgeous set of bears in an oval shape.
 I'm really not sure which one to do next, or how soon I will actually get to them but they are all tacked and overlocked around the edge so they are ready to stitch as soon as I get the time or the urge.

I am trying to avoid having too many on the go at once since I also have a crochet throw that I'm doing. It's from 'The Art of Crochet' magazine so it comes 4 issues a month so I really need to keep up with it as I'm about 16 squares behind. But here is what I have done so far.

Anyway back to the real world. And planning for music lessons this afternoon and next week!

Wednesday 27 April 2011

Technology Working :D

So the technology has decided to work and the pictures are now uploaded.
The first three are the framed pieces (my first ever framed cross stitches, I did everything myself including lacing them up and framing. I'm very happy with them.) They are designs by Faye Whittaker that came with The World of Cross Stitch Magazine issue 172. They are called - Playing Fetch, Making Sandcastles, and 'Look What We Found!'.

Also my WIP is a design by Hummel called Land In Sight. Here is a picture of the chart.
And here is a picture of my work so far.
The aim is hopefully to complete this picture in time to put it in the Royal Brisbane Show as an entry in the novice category. I think I can manage it as I am making really good time. I'll keep everyone updated with how I go at getting it done. I need to put the entry in by the 25th May and it needs to be ready to submit by the 12th July. A lot of work to do before then.

The Start

How should I start? I have been doing one craft or another for as long as I remember. I still have dolls that I made the clothes for and my first piece of crochet. It was meant to be a blanket that was flat and somehow ended up all bent. But it started my passion for crafts. Since then I have learnt how to knit and have made a number of toys.
I had a ball creating this duck family and they now have pride of place on my mother's piano. From there I have made scarfs and beanies but never braved clothes. That is just too scary and long.

For my birthday last year I was given a cross stitch kit of belle from Disney's beauty and the beast. Although I had started many cross stitches I had never managed to finish one. But I decided to keep going with this one and here is the completed piece.
Now I need to decide what to do with it! I have no real interest in framing it but what else can I do with it?

Since then my stitching has got out of control! I do everything from bookmarks to christmas ornaments and now I just finished a set of 3 from Faye Whittakers All our yesterdays series. I will post those photos when they will actually upload from my camera. It is having technical difficulties.

Now having finished those I'm doing a cross stitch my grandmother gave me. It's a design by Hummel and photos will be up for that soon. I'm hoping if I finish it in time to put it in the Royal Brisbane Show. I hope it will work.

More pictures coming soon.

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