Thursday 18 July 2019

Cross Stitch Progress

The continuing saga of the cross stitch projects. Oh how I wish I had a lot more time but then sometimes when I get the time I often just collapse in a heap and that is that! I am reading more at the moment which means I am not stitching or doing quite as many crafts. Uni starts back next week which surprisingly means my crochet and knitting won't suffer as they are really easy to do during lectures and often quite easy to carry around. I also find it easier to concentrate on listening to the lecturer when I have something in my hands.

But this weekend I bit the bullet and just sat and cross stitched. It was really nice. I even (SHOCKED FACES!!) actually worked on Masquerade Pale Dawn! I set myself up fairly awkwardly on the edge of the couch with my little light balancing next to me and worked on it! It was refreshing, and I managed close to one hundred stitches. If I can keep just adding a few stitches every couple of weeks I should be good to eventually finish this project.

Here was Masquerade Pale Dawn at the beginning of the session.

It really isn't a lot that I've done I'm still on the first page. Whoever said that only 15 colours makes a project easy was lying to you! 15 colours does not make the project easier when it is a HAED though I do enjoy working on this and it's not hard just slow. 

I cooked dinner Saturday night so I didn't get as much time as I really wanted just to settle down and stitch but here is where I am at. (and to be honest staring at so many greys gets a little tiring after a while and I just have to swap to something nicer) I've also completed another 10x10 block and I completed all the little parts that weren't done in the block above. Despite being a pile of grey I love stepping back from this project and seeing what it looks like. The detail is stunning when I get a chance to see. My goal is to finish the page by the end of the year and if I just keep working away at it when I get a chance I think that goal is attainable.

To help with that goal I have a stitching frame but it can't hold my big project as the clamp just won't hold! To help that along I am hoping that I can build a more solid one that will do what I want it to based on the one I already have. That one works well to hold snow white but really doesn't work for any other one. So hopefully I will have an update soon about a new frame.

But when I haven't had time to really sit and stitch for long periods, I have been working on my snow white biscornu by cloudsfactory.

I am so close to finishing the front of this design and then I have to do the back which isn't very complicated. I am hoping to get this done soon as I have a special project that the kids gifted me the pattern for that I want to start but I've promised myself not until I get this one off the hoop.

I've also been playing with sayings for accounting things because why not so I may have a few patterns coming out in the next month! I have some little owls and some accounting sayings in the works.

Happy Stitching and I hope you've been productive too!

Monday 8 July 2019

Being Sick

It's been two weeks and I'm finally on the mend. I don't know what I got sick with but it hasn't been fun. I spent 4 days curled up running a fever. Then the cold hit. I have been coughing and spluttering since. It has been exhausting and I have been holding on by a thread. I haven't been working much. But I'm starting to get back to a routine.

Of course while I was sick I didn't stop doing stuff. I just took twice the time, to do anything. I've had this owl picture in the works for about a month. I really like how it turned out and I'd love to see an owl trying to do squats.

I also managed to do a tiny bit of knitting but not really much. I'm hoping to make a decent go at this shawl so it is wearable through spring when I like a shawl around my shoulders. My sister is really glad I'm using the yarn she bought me :D 

So please tell me the last couple of weeks have been more productive for you? But at least this explains why I have barely been around on any of my social medias. It requires thought to post anything even to instagram. You also have to have some progress or something interesting to post!

Happy Stitching and stay well!,
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