Thursday 31 May 2018

Weekend Book Haul

So Lana had a performance this last weekend at a community fete. What is it about these sorts of events that I just can't resist the books? I am hopeless but a couple of these look really interesting! The top one I got spending the last of my book voucher I got for my birthday!

Have you read any of these? Any recommendations out of them? It's an odd mix of books but that is fairly normal for me.

The book I'm currently reading  is Snow Child by Eowyn Ivy. I'm really enjoying it and finding it an interesting take on this fairy tale.

I have 3 weeks until my exams and I'm giving myself this weekend to relax before focusing on study. I need a full weekend without having to complete an assignment or quiz. Classes are all done for the semester so that takes the pressure off as well.

Also this book is due back ASAP to the Library so I will have to curl up and read.

Tell me about what you're reading at the moment? Can you walk past a used book stall at a market or fete?

Happy Stitching,

Wednesday 30 May 2018

The EU Thingy

This is a quick announcement that I have now got a clicky thing at the top of my blog in order to comply with the new EU regulations.

But I also want to make it clear, I won't ever now or in the future use your information for anything other than what you intended it for. I don't have an email list yet so I'm not concerned about that it's really only the people who comment here I don't keep any one's emails for any reason other than to reply to your comments. I also wouldn't share them with others. In case anyone was worried.

Thank you,

Monday 28 May 2018

Mud, sweat and tears!

So this past month and a half has been hell. Between getting Shingles and then trying to get myself back in shape to just handle everything I pushed too hard and managed to pull the muscles in both my quads. Thankfully not horribly bad, but I could barely walk and I had a week until Tough Mudder.

But with the help of my physio friend and a week of little exercise after little exercise I had no pain in my legs. I actually have come out of tough mudder with no pain in my quads at all as I went in with stronger quads than I've had in a long time but the rest of me is aching.

I keep mentioning tough mudder it's a 10km obstacle course through mud, water and up and down many hills. I did it last Sunday and if you follow my instagram you'll already have been bombarded.

Here I am at the starting line all dolled up and ready to run. I had no idea the fun and torture to come :D

 This was the first obstacle. It's a net we had to lift up.... we had no clue that this was the easiest that we would see.

 crawling under barbed wire and through mud, that they kept muddy through spraying with more water. :D None of us were clean and then we had to walk up a hill climb over 2 x 2m high walls, walk back down the hill carry a couple of logs and then crawl back through the mud and barbed wire. Good fun!
 Anyone want any hugs?

 This was my favourite obstacle. Hopefully the video will play later in the post otherwise hop over to my instagram and check it out. The things spun around and you had to push and pull to get people over.
 This one was water either side of these mud/dirt (more mud than dirt but hard) that you had to climb over. This side was easy but then we worked our way back around to the other side and that was shoulder high thingys we had to climb over.
 Finally at the finish line. We of course had to climb up the other side of this but then had the fun of sliding down!

 we'll see if this video works. If it does the top one is the blockness monster and the bottom one is the finisher. :D

 I am already looking forward to doing it next year and so is my daughter as she will be old enough then.

I'm a little sore still around the shoulders but otherwise I've come up pretty well and I'm going to be back to our regularly scheduled program ASAP as I'm starting to feel less tired. I think I'm finally back to improving!

Happy Stitching,
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