Wednesday 24 February 2021

Baby Dress and Beanie

 When you're a crafter what do you do when you find out that you're expecting a baby? After freaking out for a week or two because everything is happening so quickly you can't keep up!  I just couldn't resist when I was staring at all my gorgeous cottons to pick this one up and look up a knitting pattern.

I was recommended by someone to check out the designer Marianna's Lazy Days and her stuff is just gorgeous!

 Now I meant to post this up about a month ago when I actually finished this little dress but I've been struggling a little bit. I have a lot less motivation to do anything at the moment. I quickly run out of energy. I have about 10 posts sticking around in my head but I just need to get around to posting them. I will do it soon I hope. 

The little dress is called the Lazy Daisy all in one baby dress it can be found for free here. It was such a quick little knit and I can't wait to see it on my baby girl in a month!

The beanie is the Karina Baby Turban but without tying the last little turban part. You can find the pattern here.

I am going to go and write up a couple more posts though they won't be appearing straight away I'll try and pace them a little bit. But lots of cool announcements a few new patterns that I have released and of course pregnancy updates. Anyway I will be back with you shortly.


Happy Stitching, 


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