Monday, 12 June 2017

Slow going - 12 Point Star Blanket

I do have a mini update on my blanket :D Tonight is Doctor Who night. I always forget on Sundays so I sit and watch it Monday evening on ABC iview. I like doing it this way as I can watch it when I can not when they say I can.
 I had my first of 2 exams today and I think I did alright. I know I did the best I could so I am enjoying a little rest before jumping into the crazy tomorrow to prepare for my next exam.

My blanket is getting much bigger but I'm probably only a third of the way. I really would love a nice big blanket but we shall see how that goes as I continue to expand the blanket. I like a blanket that you can really curl up under. I have 8 more balls of yarn so that should be enough to make it a decent size.

I am thinking though that after this lot of repetitions that I will halve the amount I use of each colour so only 3 rows instead of 6. Not sure... will have to think about it when I get there. Still two more colours of 6 to go before I have to think of that.

For more information about the pattern I'm doing you can go to my previous post here. 

Have you ever made a blanket like this? It's taking me ages and unfortunately each round takes longer and longer to complete. Though MAYBE this will be completed before the end of winter this year..... but I'm not holding my breath!

Happy Stitching,

Friday, 12 May 2017

New Crochet Project

Ooops I didn't expect to do this.... I blame one of my facebook friends who is doing another version of this pattern herself. She was asking for help reading the pattern so I downloaded it and I was caught by how interesting it looked and I've never made this sort of blanket before.

I wasn't planning to make this as I want to make my c2c blanket but I need to buy more colours for that so I wanted a project I could start and work on for the next couple of weeks at university. I will start my c2c blanket but probably not today.

So without further ado here is my new blanket. It is currently using 4 of the colours from my granny stripe blanket. Though being me I may add more if I feel like it. It's using 8 ply marvel (four seasons) acrylic yarn from spotlight. I just grabbed 4 of the full balls I had in my draw so I knew how much I started with.

I don't know what it is about that hot pink! I couldn't ever get a good impression of it when I would take photos for my granny stripe either! The forth colour is a dark turquoise, which I am almost at the point of adding. I will have to update when I have added it.

The pattern I'm using is this one... Rainbow Ripple Baby Blanket if you want to work on this one too. I have made a couple of changes, as I haven't added the white rows between the colours. I didn't have much white at home and didn't want to buy any yarn for this project (at least to start with I may have to buy more if I keep making it really big!) The original pattern is for a baby blanket but I'm just going to keep going and expanding until I get bored. I want it to be at least a good size for curling up under on the couch.

I have changed the colours at the white row so the white row is the first green row and so on. Other than that I'm using a 5.25mm hook as it is what I have been using recently. I like that I usually make a looser blanket with the larger hook. I have a habit of being way too tight when crocheting, I think it's a habit gained from crocheting amigurumi.

 Have you started any new projects recently that you really weren't planning to??

Happy Stitching,

Sunday, 30 April 2017

Finished Chick

I had a bit of an issue with finishing this project as I ran out of the yellow for the face but thankfully my mother had some more yellow yarn of the same colour and brand. You can't even see the point of change!

I'm really excited now to turn this into a pillow case and then make a blanket with the rest of the patterns. It will be looking absolutely awesome on the couch!

Happy Stitching,

Friday, 21 April 2017

Watercolour Sketches

I had the opportunity to get away over the Easter long weekend which was a much needed break for my family. We're coming into tax time so I'm getting less and less time available. Also uni is starting to really ramp up and I'm feeling the stress.

We visited a friend of my family's property in central NSW.

The views on their property were just stunning! This wasn't even quite at the top of where we were going. They run a working sheep farm so they have a decent amount of land.

While there I had time to just stop and paint a couple of times. I remembered to take my watercolours and a couple of small sketch books. I could have taken more time to sketch but we did spend a lot of time doing not much. 
 I used pencil to make a rough sketch n the paper and then I added the watercolours. I'm just using a set of kids watercolours I bought at riot at the end of the back to school sales. They're nothing fancy but do mix to make so useful colours. I then drew over them with my pitt artist black pen as I can paint over that if I needed to without it running.

I'm really proud of how these pictures turned out. I was trying to learn how to work with watercolours and all of it was new. I did definitely learn to let a wash dry BEFORE painting over it. Other than that I just love them.

Hope you had a wonderful Easter yourselves.

Happy Stitching,

Friday, 14 April 2017

Lekala blouse 4109

This top was finished around  the beginning of January. I even just realised that I never shared a finished photo for this top on any social media. I have had this post started since then and was intending to share it all together then work started up again.

Without Further ado, here is my Lekala blouse 4109. 

I'm flying along with sewing projects. This top has been on my mind since I finished my skirt and I knew I had so much excess fabric.  I had been drawing ideas of a top I was thinking about drafting and then I was browsing and found this blouse by lekala 4109. I knew it was perfect. I could use both the orange and blue fabric on the main top and with the princess seams I was hoping it would sit nicely on my body and suit my waist. If I am to be honest the blouse does pull a bit around the yoke but not badly so. I don't know enough about sewing to know what adjustments to make to ease that across the front. The back is definitely not pulling. It isn't pulling enough for me to be concerned either and it is still very comfortable.

The orange lawn is see through so I knew I wanted to make the top bodice fully lined and when I downloaded the pattern and saw it had facings I knew I wouldn't need them.  I read the instructions a couple of times and was confused from the start so I decided to make it the way I thought it should be made. If you are a beginner sewer I really really really don't recommend lekala patterns. They are suited to your measurements but the instructions leave a lot to be desired. If you know what you're looking at you can make some beautiful outfits. 

I had to be careful when laying out the pieces that they were all lined up the right way. I didn't want them to be the opposite to the skirt.  I wanted to be able to wear this whole outfit as a dress when I want.

I started with my yoke bodice and sewed it together and then sewed the lining to the bodice at the neck and armholes.... at this point when I tried to turn it I realised I should have left the side seams unpicked as well and so in I got and unpicked them.  Then I could turn the bodice and sew the side seams. I then carefully ironed the bodice so it sat neatly.

 I then sewed all the blue panels together.and then sewed it onto the bodice. I did have to do a light gathering at the front of the top but I expected that from the technical drawing.

 I made sure I finished all the seams neatly with my overlocker. Even this one hiding under the lining got finished after this photo.

I will leave you with one more photo of this top. I have styled it with the skirt here. Forgive the squinting look as the light was really bright outside I could barely see. I think it makes an awesome dress but also looks really nice paired with a pair of slacks or jeans.

Now since this was made in January I can safely say that it has been in rotation with and without the skirt at least once every 2 weeks. it just makes me happy to wear it. I need lots of outfits like this that are very versatile and I can wear a variety of ways.

Happy Stitching,
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