Wednesday 9 November 2022

Print and Play Board games

So I have been a huge board game player for years. But over the last few years it has both gotten increasingly hard to buy games and hard to find people to play with. There are some games that I love and I think are worth the price. BUT there are so many games that as soon as you take into account that I live in Australia, and shipping and exchange rates they become ridiculous! On top of that I'm a crafter... with a very strong need to make stuff for myself. 
I started making a game folder a few years ago with some dice and card games inside and I made some simple boards, for games like checkers and backgammon. I love it. Such a cool way to play and honestly so cute to have a mini backgammon game. I seem to be all about the mini games at the moment! 
Continuing on with the mini trend I decided to make a smaller version of sprawlopolis. I bought these files from PNParcade and printed them two to a page on A4. The cards are so cute! I also printed a few of the expansions while I was at it.
As much as I love this game I think I have only managed to win a play through once. It's always the roads that do it! I was only 2 points off with this game!

To continue the trend I was over at Board Game Geek when I stumbled across these files. It's a game called Deep Space D-6 and it's so much fun :D I was even able to find a mint tin version that is designed to be cut and folded into a mint tin. This one is awesome to play. The last one I'm super proud of! I bought hive a few years ago but then I lost one of the pieces. I loved playing that game but didn't want to buy a new one. So I started looking at options. I ended up buying these wooden hexagons I found on Amazon. This didn't quite turn out right because I didn't read the listing and they weren't one INCH they were one CM!!! Ooops.
So I went with it and after asking in my print and play group, I ended up buying some magnet sticker sheets and a mint tin style box. I used those to make a mini set of HIVE! 

Using paint pens that I had I could colour these in and then I coated them with a clear acrylic paint to seal them. I just love how these turned out and as normal for me they are purple :D making it even better! 

I managed to win a game against my cousin :D Though it was his first time playing so not quite as fair. This has been a fun craft to explore as they are really fun to do and I'm sure I will make a LOT more games since I've found so many good ones.

Happy Stitching, 

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