Friday 6 April 2012

Fun of Easter ...

We aren't going camping now. We got all the way to Toowoomba a 2hr drive from Brisbane when Dad's car started to play up. The gear box was being silly and the suspension was suspect. So basically instead of continuing to drive to the middle of nowhere (another 3hrs further driving to the campsite) we turned and drove back home. We didn't want to be stuck on the property without easy access to help and a car that was playing up.

I'm really sad because we were really looking forward to it and visiting with all the family. We don't see them enough as they live all around Queensland. Also we would have spent 4 days able to play with baby Liam! I was really looking forward to spending time with that kid.

Oh well ... fun at home I can still get the stitching I wanted to do done. Actually a bit better because I don't have to stop at sunset.

Hope everyone else's Easter goes well.


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  1. Awww Caitlin, that's really disappointing but I think you did the right thing. Getting stuck in the middle of nowhere would not have been a good way to spend your Easter, and on the bright side, more stitching, right?

    Happy Easter!


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