Saturday 16 February 2013

Doily Fun

I haven't been stitching much this last little while I had a compulsion to try making Doilies!

I started looking at Ravelry and having all sorts of fun finding free patterns. I started with this one
I loved the look of it and it seemed easy. I had to fiddle with the colours though to make it suit me.

Purple and greens and a greeny brown.

It is the perfect doily for living under this ornament that was given to us for an engagement present.

I didn't just catch the bug with one Doily though I caught it with 3!

This one is called Pretty Pineapples: yellow doily (though I did it in purple) and can be found here

I thoroughly enjoyed working on this one. The colour is wonderful and the design was really easy to stitch up.  It only took a couple of days.

The last doily is only part done. While I was looking at the pineapple doilies I was shown to the website their latest magazine had a doily called spring break. I loved the look of it and it was a bit more difficult than the pineapples.

I would have more done but I don't have the colour I want to use for the next section.

It is really awesome using techniques and stitches that I haven't used before. They look so pretty when they are finished too. :D

Happy Stitching I'm going shopping for the colour I want!


  1. They are so cool. I wish I could crochet:)

  2. Beautiful work! I really love the last one, it's very speacial.

  3. Great work! Looking forward to the finish on that last one. Happy shopping!

  4. What gorgeous doilies Caitlin. Your doing a great job and I love your color choices.


  5. Beautiful doilies, that pineapple is an old design. I use to watch my mom make something similar. This was long, long time ago. I can't crochet so I'll just watch you :-)

  6. Wow! You're so talented, Caitlin. The doilies look amazing and very pretty.

  7. Love that last design - can't wait to see your take on it.


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