Tuesday 21 May 2013

Health and Life

I wanted to update everyone on my health issues and some other issues I'm going through.

I have finally got my health going on the right track. I do have adrenal issues and my cortisol levels are too high in the morning so I am now on Melatonin in the evening to counteract that and help me sleep better when I should be. I have only been on it a couple of weeks but the difference is amazing! I am not collapsing at 11am because I have run out of any energy because I walked around the block. It was pretty bad.

Which brings me to some bad news... My partner and I are splitting up. We have been together for 6 years and engaged for 2.5. I'm not entirely sure what happened myself but he had begun to disengage. I don't know when exactly but I know I was getting sick of being treated like a second class person. As much as I love him I can't keep going around in emotional circles so he called it off. I'm not dealing that well with it. It came as a bit of a surprise, I thought we were working through everything and coming out the other side.

On a good note though I finally have full time work. I have a job as a Kindy Teacher at a local Child Care Centre. It's wonderful. I love the work, it's interesting and challenging and different. Though I'm emotionally and Physically exhausted all the time now. Everything came to a head between Phill and me 2 days before I started my new job and that was less than 2 weeks ago....

So between everything at the moment I am getting a little stitching done and I will have to show you photos when I get some energy ....



  1. You poor thing. You have been dealing with a lot. Take care of yourself. Cyber hugs.

  2. Glad you got your health issues sorted out , hope you continue to get better.
    Congratulations on the job too,hope it works out. Sorry for your other problems. Thinking of you .xxx

  3. Congratulations on your new job!! Take care of yourself, you're a fabulous person!

  4. aww so sorry to read those words sweetie =(
    it's great your health is a bit better , it will help to fight the world
    I can understand you're exhausted...
    take care
    big warm hugs for you

  5. Sorry you've having such a hard time at the moment. Breakups are always difficult no matter who makes the final decision but being happy alone is much better than being miserable together.
    I bet the children really help too, they are so cute at that age, especially when you can give them back at the end of the day!

  6. Sending hugs and happy thoughts your way Caitlin.


  7. Take care of yourself. Hugsxxx

  8. Sorry to hear of your health problems but I'm glad that they are now being managed. Congrats on the new job and as for the relationship, some things are just not meant to be. Stay strong.

  9. Sorry you're going through a rough spot. Easy to say now, but time will help. And I'm sure those kiddos will help keep you entertained!

  10. Oh Caitlin I'm so sorry to hear that life is sending you quite a few challenges at the moment. Break ups are bad enough without everything else that you're going through. At least you have a new job to keep you busy and you always have cross stitching to lose yourself in. Take care stunner and it will get better, just think of all the good things you have in life and may rainbows and smiles be your constant companions.
    xox Alicia


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