Thursday 21 August 2014

Crochet Blankets

I'm not the only one making a blanket in my family at the moment. My mother gets the Better Homes and Gardens Australia magazine every month and it was a couple of months ago that she got this magazine with an awesome pattern. Of course my mother being my mother she read the pattern and then went nah! I know how to do that better and off she went. (it was after this that I found out my mum had never read a crochet pattern before and she was the one who taught me to crochet many years ago.)

As you can see she loves bright colours and stuff that can really pop. There are also some flowers there that may be sewn into some of the centres and they are all various sizes. I love the fact that it isn't all the same and it's many many pretty colours. I want to see what gets added next. I think the plan is to add some solid granny squares or some with round centres. (I showed mum my new book and there were a couple of patterns in there she wants to try and add.)

When it is finally finished it should hopefully be big enough to put on a queen bed at least that is Mum's plan at the moment we never know with mum what things are going to end up like. But they always end up looking awesome.

I did say blankets in the title for a reason I wanted to put an updated photo of my blanket as well. These are a little bit old but I haven't worked on it much but for some reason I kept forgetting to post photos. I'm really good about posting a quick update to instagram but constantly forget to post up here. I will get better.

 James is being my helper but refused to come out from behind the blanket. Like most men I've met he hates the camera.

Happy Stitching,


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