Thursday 11 December 2014


Now I have never been crazy about having a journal because I tried that through university. I would start the year/semester all excited about the weeks ahead. Every tutorial and lecture would be written in and all would be clear.

But I would always end up forgetting about it in 3 weeks. I hated having empty days and felt like I had to write everything in. Some weeks I'd do stuff but forget to write it in so I'd go backwards and fill it and feel absolutely stupid. We all have those days.

About a month or two ago though I started using a method called bullet journalling. I love love love it. You search up how to bullet journal and you find all sorts of cool stuff. I've even dragged out all mum's old stamps and maybe bought some more owl ones for myself.

Pretty stamp box :D

This said I've managed to keep up with my journal this time because I'm looking at the whole week and giving myself jobs. I'm not making it a daily thing I'm making it a weekly need. I'm even planning menus.

Now this said there is a crafty reason behind this post other than the pretty stamps. I was lusting after the kikki k personal planner. The one in lilac since it's such a pretty purple. I also liked the monthly view so I can plan ahead but also that I wasn't held down by weekly views.

I couldn't justify spending $80 on a planner though. Then I did some more research, I worked out that I could buy a cheap $4 ring binder from office works and then make a pretty cover for it. I loved the idea so much I went out that day to buy a binder.

It doesn't look like much but I wanted to turn it into something.

I'm so excited about how it turned out! I will be showing you much more tomorrow when I do up a tutorial on how to make a cover for yourself.

Happy Stitching,


  1. Loos fantastic. I have the same problem with journal. I use them for a few weeks and then stop.

  2. Very pretty - what a great idea!

  3. Great looking journal Caitlin.



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