Monday 14 December 2015

Mulberry Pop Planner

I know I talked about being happy with the planner I had and I'd started to organise inserts and thinking about what I wanted then work started. I also have been thinking that I want my planning this year STUCK in one book. As cool as it is to be able to pull information in and out there is a beauty and simplicity in something that is just your year. 

I'm using the kmart organiser it's a personal sized planner for work and it's great. Portable, simple and easy to plan with and suits me great.  But that leaves my private planning.  I really don't want them in the same planner and my work planner is too small and needs to be kept private. I am actually thinking as I get to know what I need to make myself a travellers notebook for work. It just depends on the books I think....But that is another story. I want to talk about another planner.

The Mulberry Pop Planner. 

Oh gosh I'm in love! This lady is an Australian lady making a planner the quality of Erin condren and inkwell press. It has Australian holidays and seasons which is just amazing. I'm so used to just ignoring the dates I don't know what I'll do! 

When I opened the box it came so beautifully packaged. 

It has a laminated cover I think like the Erin Condren. With a page marker that you can pull out.

The planner starts with a yearly overview and a goals page. So PRETTY :D I love all the purple in this planner! Can I say instant LOVE!!!! There is also a 2017 yearly overview at the back which is always useful.

It's set out in a weekly horizontal view. 

With a monthly view at the beginning of each month. I like that it's only one page. As I don't like my month view big I just need enough to have an idea of what's coming.

The monthly tabs are small down the side but the colours match the months. They do exactly what they need to.

Oh and there is a pocket at the back to hold you stickers and stuff.

Other interesting information:

The paper is 120gsm which is gorgeous to write on. It isn't glossy it has a nice matte finish which makes it nice to touch. It's a 8x6 sort of size so bigger than an A5 but when I put it up beside my A5 planner it appears smaller as it doesn't have the bulk that the binder gets.

You can buy your own from her website and just so you know I am in no way affiliated with her I just love the planner and had to share it with you :D It will be my one and only personal planner for next year... not including my work one.

Now I need to go make myself a pouch to put it in to keep safe for the year. I am so excited to be using this over the year :D

Happy Stitching,

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  1. oh, me too!! i love my mulberry pop planner - did you know that the lady personalizes each and every planner if you would like?? as in, family members are listed on pages etc so you can keep track of everyone!! - soooo good!!! as i said, I love it:)


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