Tuesday 22 November 2016

One semester down...

I'm sorry about not posting much in the last couple of months. I have felt so overwhelmed trying to get everything done that I have really struggled to keep up with this. When I decided to go back to university and start my Masters I don't know what I expected. The last time I did any dedicated study I was living at home with my parents. It's really easy to focus on study and only study when that is really the only thing you have to be responsible for. It's also very easy to do more for yourself and find time to craft and make when you don't have many responsibilities.

I do have lots of information to catch you guys up on as I have still been doing some crafting just very very very very slowly. This is because it takes a lot of effort to actually post about it. I would recommend if you want more updates than you get here follow me on Instagram. I do post at least weekly there. Often more than that though.

So now that I've got the serious stuff out of the way lets get into the important stuff.

Today I want to talk about my plans. This is a bit of a goal setting post as I have a number of plans I actually want to bring to fruition so I will now let you guys hold me accountable!

I mainly have sewing plans that I really have set goals for. I bought myself a book a couple of months ago now and it has my head spinning with ideas. It's called Sew Many Dressses: Sew Little Time. I actually bought the Amazon Kindle version and I'm really happy with it. I can read it on my computer or on my phone. Also just so you know the patterns when you buy the kindle version are downloadable instead of printed in the back of the book! I will do full review once I've sewn a dress from the patterns but for now I love it.


I bought some fabric yesterday at spotlight and each piece has some very specific goals for what they are going to become. All outfits I can wear for work but also at other times too.

I bought this gorgeous navy cotton poplin with the idea of making a Dirndl skirt. I know that sounds very german but it's just a fancy word for a rectangle of fabric that has been gathered at the waist.

To add a bit of pizzazz to it I also bought the orange cotton lawn you can see poking out in the photo. This I'm going to use to line the garment. It is a new style of skirt (for me) and I'm looking forward to the challenge.

The next project is a little more challenging. This will be a DRESS!!! out of this browny grey fabric. It's a cotton broadcloth so fairly stiff but feels really nice. It's a bit of a tester project. I am learning how to do the parts mentioned in the book so I'm going to make a dress with a basic bodice and either an A line skirt or maybe a fuller skirt. We shall see. It's going to be an interesting challenge as I haven't made this sort of bodice before or a structured dress. Not really. The purple dress I made a couple of years ago doesn't quite count as my grandma did more than me!

The third piece of fabric that I bought is another cotton poplin. This one I will turn into a dress as well but not sure what style. I shall see how the above dress turns out and either make another one very similarly or change up the skirt/neckline or something. I do love that the pattern has all sorts of instructions on how to do that.

So those are the main sewing projects I NEED to work on. But knowing me I will find others over the next couple of months. I intend to finish the skirt in the next couple of weeks as it should be a fairly easy sew. Then I'll tackle the slightly harder projects as I go.

I also want to attempt a couple of pairs of shorts and stuff which *should* be easy projects just as something nice to wear during summer but we shall see. I have a couple of shorts patterns including the Nantucket shorts from seamwork which I like the look of so we shall see what ends up drawing me.

I must say, wearing clothes I've made and getting compliments for my outfits really does make me feel pretty and nice. It's something I want to continue.


I do have some other goals. I really love cross stitch but I have been very neglectful lately. My goal is to really work on my Afternoon Tea. It has been neglected and if I want to finish that anytime in my lifetime I have to give it some love! It's not a hard goal...

None of these goals are hard but they do require putting my phone down and stopping playing the mind numbing games and just pick up the project and get started. It's that simple but we shall see how well I do! I've noticed particularly in the last couple of months just how addicted to my phone I am. It has become the way I relax which I do NOT like. I would rather relax with a sewing machine or needle than with my phone.

Happy Stitching,


  1. It seems like you've really thought things out and have set realistic, achieveable goals. I look forward to seeing your sewing projects.

  2. Those fabrics for your skirt look nice and should work well together. I look forward to seeing your sewing projects once you finish them. Cross stitch is more time consuming and hopefully you will have more time for it soon. Continued success at University!

    1. I'm really excited about making a skirt with them, they just make me smile! I'm also kinda hoping there is enough orange left over to piece into a top. Probably not enough for a whole top but something to add into other fabrics. It's very exciting to plan things out.... and once my craft room is clean which should be by this weekend I can start making them come to life!

  3. Great idea to set some goals to inspire you. The blue and yellow feathers are quite 1970s in style so how about taking some influence from that decade? Maybe a tunic top?

    1. Maybe ... hmmm I have a lot of tunic type tops and really am looking at dresses that I can wear by themselves for summer. The sort of look I'm thinking of is a fitted top and a gathered skirt. But as I've said everything can change!


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