Friday 6 January 2017

Newsboy Hat

So I wanted a new hat and a simple project one evening and I was very excited to finish this hat by the second day. It is the free pattern by Whitney Sews. It came with a video explaining what to do and I used that and other information I found around and made myself a hat.

 I used the remnants of a purple fat quarter to get the inside of this hat. I made the brim and band in the calico and the lining in purple. If I make this again I will make it fully reversible that way it can be a little more versatile.

That said I haven't stopped wearing this hat when I need one so I think it's been the perfect project. Since cutting my hair short hats suit me again. Actually I think it's more than that I think that my hair suits hats. It doesn't try to fizz up under the hat or unable to fit with a braid or ponytail.

This was such a fun little project and I do look forward to a couple more quick finishes in the next year.

Happy Stitching,

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