Monday 10 July 2017

One Finished Cowl

My workplace is freezing through winter as it is a concrete block with nothing underneath so the breeze comes through and freezes from the bottom up. I decided that over time I will make myself a collection of sets of gloves, scarfs/cowls and beanies/berets that I can wear to work. I say sets because I have a couple of plain scarfs and stuff but have found that I can't match them with anything. I can wear the scarf by itself but don't have a hat for it or I have a beret with no matching scarf. I have enough of the grey yarn I made the meret beret out of to make a scarf to match as well which I am glad about. So at least I can match with that one.

So here is the start of my matching collection. I bought enough of this Navy Panda Magnum 8 ply acrylic yarn to make a set of fingerless gloves, cowl, beret and probably even a scarf if I wanted. I have finished the cowl so far.

I'm using this Pattern: Cowl De Printemps

For the beret I will be using the matching pattern which makes me happy. I will then work something out for the gloves to make it work.  Probably using the lace pattern in a rectangle and them seam them up.

I'm not doing that much knitting at the moment as it's my carry project but work is to crazy busy to knit much. But I had a day at a conference last month and I managed to finish my cowl while listening to the speakers.
But please excuse the bad looking photo. The dark blue is really really hard to photograph so in order to show the pattern I end up with a washed out photo.

To finish off this cowl I killed the yarn so that it was nice and soft and the pattern really shows up. I'm not going to be able to do that with the beret so hopefully conditioner will do the job.

But to give everyone a better photo I even managed to get a nice selfie of myself wearing it at work.

As you can see it's nice and loose around my neck which I like but I can twist it a little and it sits snuggly. I hope I can get the set done before winter is over so I have at least one set to wear but we shall see. I have a new project that I need to get done by January and I also have a dress that I have almost finished making. These projects aren't the most important on my list at the moment and honestly if they take me a year I don't mind as I can carry them easily on my bike to and from uni and work so I can enjoy them.

Happy Stitching,


  1. The cowl looks lovely, but what does it mean to "kill the yarn"? Sorry, I'm not a knitter!

    1. thank you :D Killing the yarn is when you iron acrylic yarn. Which softens the yarn significantly but takes out a lot of the spring. It kinda melts the yarn a little or a lot depending how you do it. It isn't recommended for every project.

  2. Your cowl is gorgeous! Not being a knitter I hadn't heard of killing the yarn either.....sounds like something out of a crafting horror movie!!! :)

    1. Oh now I'm going to have images everytime I have to do it from now on!

      Yeah they call it killing as it kills the original nature of the yarn or something like that. I only learnt about it from my grandma a couple of weeks ago and I've been doing yarn crafts for 20 years. It's amazing what you learn!

      (not sure why but I'm not getting your comments in my inbox anymore.... will have to chase that up so I hope you get my replies here!)

  3. What a pretty cowl you knitted Caitlin! I love the pattern that you stitched there and I agree about matching; I love having everything match when I wear it too.

    Seems strange for you to say you are freezing there when we have been having temperatures in the 100s. I wish I could send you some of our heat.

    1. By freezing I am talking about my tolerance. Thankfully I don't live further south where it is literally freezing. I believe anything under 10 degrees celcius is freezing but then again we get lovely hot and humid summers here nd I have no tolerance for the cold.

      But my workplace is always a couple of degrees colder than outside.


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