Monday 26 November 2018

York Pinafore

I wanted a new slip on dress for the summer and when I saw this york pinafore pattern I knew I wanted to try it! The pattern is by Helen's Closet and I really love how it turned out.

As per normal for me I sized up for the hips but then worked out after sewing it together I really probably shouldn't have... actually I think my problem was twofold... I probably should have added an inch at least to the height of the top half as every other person it sits down further on them. As in it doesn't join until closer to the hips not right on the waist. Maybe if I make it again I'll change it but probably not as I like this!

 Also I had a big talk to a group on facebook about it and the reaction from them was yeah you're a pear shape but HOW are you a pear shape. I worked out that I'm not really that WIDE if I was to half my hip measurement it would go further than halfway around my front but wouldn't cover my backside and that is my problem. I've got a big butt. So what I probably should have done is add the width only to the back piece or add back darts in. I may still add the back darts but I like this dress as I want a lazy throw on dress that makes me happy.

This dress took me way way way too long to make for such a simple dress. As you can see I still had brown hair in the picture above which makes it late September sometime. I coloured my hair on the 1st of October. But I'm using the excuse of I just didn't have the headspace. I would like to make another to get me through the summer but we shall see. Shorts come first!

 You can see the excess fabric around the waist area in this photo but... I still like it as it sits so comfortably.

 Also I had to get these photos taken twice as the first time I managed to put the dress on backwards! It doesn't look too bad though it does pull a little around the throat!

Oh yeah, I used a duck cotton fabric that I bought at spotlight. So it's a solid fabric without a lot of drape but I quite like that.

So not exactly how I was planning for it to turn out but I learnt a lot about my body in the process and I do like the end result so meh! Oh yeah maybe if I can be bothered I might even sew on the pocket on the front but probably won't be bothered....

Happy Stitching,


  1. As usual, another perfect one from my point of view even if you're not happy with it!

    1. thank you :D it's not that I'm not happy with it it just didn't work out like I was expecting but it makes me happy to wear it!

  2. It looks wonderful...even if you do put it on backwards!


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