Saturday 15 June 2019

Squat Girl - A New Pattern

 Squat Girl Pattern - Available Here

It has been way too long since I've had the opportunity to write this! With everything going on I have been struggling to find the creative drive and also in knowing what direction I want to take my patterns. I was feeling a little stale as it seemed that all I was doing were the same tiny characters in varying forms. But I was drawing a pile of different characters and really getting into a cartoon style of drawing. So I started thinking more and more. Well why can't I turn my drawings into patterns? When I asked myself that question things started to make a LOT more sense and I started the process. Of course it was slowed by uni getting in the way but last week I with the help of my new toy (a windows surface laptop thingy) I got in and did it! So much quicker to work with a pen not a mouse.

So what does that whole diatribe mean? it means that you get the lucky privilege of a new pattern! I started with my squat girl. This started as a little character I drew while on the phone at work, then I uploaded it onto my phone and digitally altered it. It was so fun and I loved the character so much I actually am using it as my avatar for instagram now. But I knew I couldn't stop there and I pulled it into my cross stitch program and now have an awesome pattern to offer you.

It went through a lot of changes particularly when going from paper to digital. Also unlike most of my other patterns this one is very big on the back stitching. Actually it's the backstitching that really brings it together. I tried to do my usual style with a thick outline and it just looked wrong. So back to the drawing board I went and got rid of the outline and it looked so much better. Unfortunately this does mean it is no longer what I would term a 'beginner' pattern but it's only 9 colours so definitely not hard.

If you feel confident I would recommend using evenweave as the backstitching does sit in the middle of a lot of squares in order to get the detail needed. As I said it's very different from my typical design but I absolutely LOVE how it turned out!

Find the new pattern here

I hope you enjoy this awesome pattern.

Happy Stitching,


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