Saturday 7 December 2019

Where to get Free or Cheaper Patterns


After the post from yesterday I wanted to talk about the places you CAN find free or cheaper patterns from designers to stitch. You don't always need to spend a lot of money to still support the designs. We don't all have a lot of money and cross stitch doesn't need to be an expensive craft. (honestly one of the most expensive parts is the framing which is why I rarely frame my finished pieces!)

So some places I have found cheap or free patterns are as follows:
  • On the Designer's facebook page or in their special group. I've managed to pick up a tonne of free patterns this way and I keep up to date with new releases and sales going when I'm interested in picking up a few more patterns when I have the money. 
    You can find my facebook group here and yes you will find exclusive free patterns there that you can't find anywhere else. But I also am a member of a number of designer groups and have a pile of free patterns from most of them!

  • On the designer's blog. I know this is becoming less popular but you can find a lot on their blogs also any social media they use like instagram. I have a few patterns that I've released on this blog for free! Some cross stitch and a couple of knitting/ crochet ones as well. A summary of my freebies can be found here
  • Cross Stitch magazine/designer/manufacturer websites. DMC have a tonne of free designs on their website and so does the world of cross stitching magazine. Look around and see what is available and you will be surprised. There is a lot out there you just have to look and these have all been provided with the designers permission.
So these ones above are the free patterns but also follow the designer groups/pages/instagrams/email lists etc. to see if there is a special or new freebie that is being released.

Outside the free patterns on the internet where else can you go?
  • Libraries - they don't have a full collection of every book/magazine available but particularly if you ask for it you may find them willing to start getting them in. It's a great way to find designers and see the patterns and to find ones you can work on. 
  • Thrift stores - it's amazing what you can find at these! Keep looking at these and garage sales and you will be surprised. 
  • destash or buy/sell groups - all sorts of interesting prizes can be found in these.

Also don't discount buying a couple of magazines. They come with 70+ patterns in them and that is hours of amusement and enjoyment. You don't have to buy a tonne of magazines to enjoy.
My local newsagent has a collection of the little freebie kits for cheap as well. When they send back unsold magazines they're not required to send back the little kits that come with them so they often keep them and sell them for $1. I once got a booklet of patterns and two madeira metallic threads for $1 so go check out if your newsagent does that? 

None of these ways hurt the designers. None of these ways harm anyone else and if you're out there stitching their designs whether a free one or not you are helping the designers keep their name out there. So please share below your favourite ways or designs you have found around and about.

 Happy Stitching, 

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