Tuesday 14 April 2020

Easter Update

Nothing has gone to plan over the last month or so, but then again, I think that has been the case for everyone.

Fresh roasted marshmallow!
 I actually lost track of time and didn't even realise this weekend was the Easter weekend until it was almost upon us. This means that I forgot to say anything about my Easter patterns to anyone until Sunday. When I got bored and started stitching one up. I also didn't realise I had no model photos of these designs because... I really don't know. I'm sure I stitched them at some point...  or maybe not. Oh well I've fixed that now.

I will just have to get some really good photos once they are finished as little pillows.

I still had the gorgeous blue flower fabric sitting beside the ironing board and these two little bits were sitting there... well I know how I'm going to finish these! It is just perfect!! I just need to find the time somewhere in between uni and work to use the sewing machine.

 This little bunny is so cute!!! I just love how it turned out!

 And the little chick is just as cute!

I changed a few of the colours when I was doing this. I just picked two yellows out which turned out not to be as far apart as I thought they would be. And I also changed the black of the eyes to be a dark grey. I really like how it makes it just a little softer. As the pastel green background just needed something softer and now I've chosen the dark blue fabric I'm grateful it isn't black.

I've also managed to catch up with the peppermint purple SAL. I love how it is going so far and it's just stunning to see it come together. It is one of the few times I have ever managed to keep up with a SAL so I appreciate the awesomeness that is this piece. It's extremely small bite sized pieces that can be easily finished in a session or 2 if I don't have a huge amount of time. Also the patterns are repeating so once I get the gist of what is happening it goes smoothly.

I hope you had a Happy Easter and you are safe.

Happy Stitching,


  1. Sweet spring stitches and they'll make the perfect little pillows.
    Your SAL is coming along beautifully, I still need to get mine together.

  2. I think we have all lost track of time :) Your little Easter designs are cute. The colours on the Peppermint Purple SAL are lovely....I love how everyone's stitching is so different just because of the threads they chose.


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