Tuesday 11 August 2020

Stitching Update

 I've been a bit sick this last week. Ended up with a couple of days off work and it just hasn't gone to plan. It doesn't help that I have absolutely no energy thanks to having been sick. I often get home from work and just collapse. You know those days? I've got all sorts of amazing goals and thoughts going around for my stitching but I am really struggling to actually follow through and finish them. 


Some of what is coming IF I can get myself to actually follow through on my goals. 

 - I'm trying to write a book. It is a book to help beginners with techniques and talking about what you need and don't need to know to actually cross stitch. I want it to be the ultimate resource for people to go to if they need to know something. It will have a selection of exclusive patterns to teach each of the techniques and I'm so excited. I have been adding more words each week so it is something that I am really working on but it may be months more before I have everything written. I want it to be comprehensive and give as much information as possible. I want to do it right. So if you catch me asking questions about techniques you want to know about please give me answers because it's probably for this book. 

- I'm playing with a tonne of new designs. I have a aussie summer design I'm looking to submit to a magazine that I need to work on ASAP. Also a mermaid pattern to go with my fairies which is pretty much done but I am testing out the pattern at the moment so I need to get that finished. 

- I have a tonne of drawings and ideas constantly going through my head. I just have to find time to do it all, which could be why I sometimes struggle to get anything done.I think I just need to focus on a couple of designs and just push through with those and then pick up the next ones. Just little by little! 

So what do I have to show you? 

Well my mermaid is currently looking like this ... so it's getting there. Honestly I don't know what is slowing me down! 

My book dragon has gotten more done on it. I'm missing a few critical colours at the moment and I need to organise to get them but the local store has a horrible selection!

I have also been sewing I needed another skirt for work so I tried out making an 18th century style petticoat. It's secured by Ribbons not buttons or zips. So it was a really quick make. I have worn it a few times to work and it's been perfect and exactly what I needed. I had the zip on one of my work skirts break a couple of months ago so I was getting desperate!

So this is what has been happening in my cross stitch and crafting life at the moment. So much happening at the moment! 

Happy Stitching, 



  1. I hope you're feeling better by now and it was just a quick illness.
    Your book sounds exciting and seems like it will make it much easier for newer stitchers.
    Your little mermaid looks cute already you know how I feel about the dragon!
    What a sweet skirt, are you going to make more with different fabric?

  2. Unfortunately still a little sick which is NO fun! I just can't seem to shake this cold. I'm really excited about the book because there really isn't anything out there. There is no one resource to find out all the info.
    I am planning to make a few skirts in different fabrics. I have a few poplins and one in particular that I had earmarked to use to make a skirt/top combo with so I will probably use this pattern to make the skirt and then work out what I want for the top.

  3. The Mermaid is very cute and the Book Dragon looks great. I love that style of drawing.
    Good luck with the book! How exciting.

  4. The Mermaid is going to be cute! The book sounds like a huge undertaking and I wish you lots of luck with it. I do hope you start feeling better ang get some energy back.


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