Monday 21 September 2020

Painting fun

 What do you do on a Saturday afternoon when you are 'bored' or at least not wanting to do what you have been doing all day? 

Well it appears I was in the mood to start painting. I had an urge to paint a witch and here is the result! 

I started by drawing a little character on the paper and then ... out came my watercolours. 


 I need to get a little better at drawing the outlines fainter... the more I got caught in the drawing the harder I drew. It's something I will have to work on. 

The hardest part with painting with watercolours I found was having to walk away and leave it to dry a few times before I tried to put other colours on the paper! It is so hard to do but here is one of the points where I knew I just had to walk away before I stuffed it up irreparably. 

I'm really proud of how she turned out. To the point where I then spent Saturday night playing with my cross stitch program and trying to turn her into a little cross stitch. I've got some more work to do and I want to play with the colours a LOT more. These are the colours the program gives me but I know they aren't right in real life.

I decided to keep the backstitching more subtle like the watercolour and used a grey instead of a black like I normally do. I will have to play with it a little more before it's ready but I'm hoping to have it good to go by October 1 in time for a special Halloween Stitch-a-long because who doesn't want a cute little witch to join them for halloween? 
 But to make this actually happen I have a bit of work to do :D I will start playing with colours and testing this out this week and we shall see if I can actually make it happen. Who would like to join me for a stitch-a-long? This will be a quick little stitch and I'm trying to think of a cute way to finish it that would look amazing decorating for halloween! 

Happy Stitching, 


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