Wednesday 23 February 2022

WIP - Beacon and Daybreak!

 I have actually done some stitching that I can share as a Work in Progress. So often I can only share my work at the moment after I have finished it and it's published. But this week I have been spending some time on Beacon at Daybreak. So I want to show you my progress because I'm happy with how it is going :D

Last Week


I have that whole section on the left before the path finished. It is all done. Now I am focusing on the path and I want to get that finished. This piece is so easy to carry around. I'm between other projects so this is good to stitch on. Also not having a deadline makes me so much happier with this project. I seem to always be rushing my other projects trying to get them done quickly to release the patterns and it's not as fun. I need to find the balance. Probably better if I managed to work 2 magazines ahead not just one. I will get there one day. I have time at lunch I just need to use it properly. Also need to get my head working a few seasons ahead. I am weird about drawing at the moment. It will all work out though :D

Happy Stitching, 

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