Saturday 30 April 2011

Cleaning Fun

I will start this with a simple statement. I HATE cleaning! But I never seem to be able to do little things each night to make the whole cleaning easier in the end. No I make it hard for myself, every time. I have just spent 2 hrs cleaning my room and I still haven't finished. But the floor is all clean and the clothes all away. All I have left are a couple of little things to organise.

But on a positive note I have done more of my cross stitch. LIS is looking good with another colour on the boat.
On the other hand I have been naughty and started another project. But there is a reason. It is just too hard to carry around the big frame everywhere so I have a little project that I am doing so I can carry it in my enormous handbag.
It is the start of one of the frogs from the Tree Frog Trio.

Well I have procrastinated enough I am going to go and attack the rest of the cleaning now ... wish me luck.

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