Friday 16 March 2012

Afternoon Tea :D

I have done quite a bit for me ... it always seems to be taking such a long time to get anywhere. But then I step back and see the colours of the piece and see the leaves appearing and I fall in love with this piece again. It will take such a long time but it is exciting :D

I fiddled the colours in the close up of the second so that it looks more realistic. For some reason my camera will NOT take a decent photo of the colours I tried all sorts of different settings but it keeps making it blue. Oh well the colour is still stunning.

Life is as ever extremely crazy. But I have started watching Charmed. I've almost finished the second  season. My mum bought them for me from a sale and I am slowly paying her back. She's holding them hostage :D

Anyway it's almost time for bed :D Sweet dreams everyone!



  1. Both pieces look fantastic Caitlin!!

    I love that purple floss.

  2. Both pieces look fantastic Caitlin!

    I love the purple floss!

  3. Both Tea and the Sampler might take time to be stitched but it is going to be worth it!


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