Thursday 15 March 2012

A little bit more :D

Sorry for not replying to everyone's blogs. I am really not liking the  new codes and I tend to ignore those blogs. Also I am so behind at the moment because we currently have no internet access at work.

Well I don't really have an update for Afternoon Tea. I have worked on it a bit but not much.

I have been working on Jardin Prive. Sampler Aux Fleurs

I love the way the colours look on this piece :D So happy :D I really really need to set up my light and work on Afternoon Tea but I think I may work some more on this ... or afternoon tea... such a hard decision!



  1. Yes, you used beautiful colours!
    And i hate al those idiot/stupid words as much as you do, my blog is free of that!

  2. Oh it's so beautiful, Caitlin! I mentioned your Jardin Prive Sampler in my blog and gave you a Liebster Blog award, so many more stitchers will be coming to visit your blog and see your pretty piece come to life!

  3. Wow! You've got a lot done Caitlin! It's looking great!!

  4. Its looking great Caitlin. I still love the purple foss.


  5. This is lovely in the purple -- can't wait to see it progress.


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