Tuesday 18 September 2012

Crazy Life

Life has been going crazy! Just lots of stuff happening all at once. It's almost school holidays so I am looking forward to getting my house clean again. I will have time to organise though I am going to be lonely during the day.

But even having been busy I have got some stitching done. I finished an ornament :D

the Ho! Ho! Ho! by Full Circle Designs. It's on a random Polstitches fabric. It's a green coloured fabric which you can kinda tell here.

I'm glad this is finished not sure why but I didn't really enjoy this one. Could be because I never got a chance to really sit down and work on it. It was my portable project.

I have started another ornament. I went through my mini kits looking for christmas ones and I came to this booklet. From Issue 183 of World of Cross Stitch it came with red and gold madeira metallics. So I am trying out some new threads. I actually like working with these madeira threads. They aren't fraying much at all. Which is great working with metallics.

This is the City Skyline for London. I want to make up the whole set but see how I feel. This is done on 14ct light green aida. Not sure about the colour but it suits the Christmas theme. I bought some navy if I want to do more which will really bling.

Also I have another new start. This one is secret, at least from Phill so I can only stitch it at certain times of the day.

It's Ink Circles '99 which I love. I started it yesterday so there is only a little of the middle shelf done. Hope I can get this done by Christmas.

Happy Stitching :D


  1. Very cute ornament, and lovely new starts - love the London skyline!

  2. Sweet new start and lovely ornament
    Love for you x

  3. Nice finish and great starts!

  4. I haven't used Madeira silks for embroidery but I have used Madeira thread for machine sewing with excellent results.

  5. Great stitching:) Good luck for your Christmas deadline.

  6. I love the chart for 99. There are only 97 days until Christmas so you'll need to stitch more than one bottle a day!

  7. You've been busy - great stitching. I was looking at the 99 too, but I have so many other things to stitch that I will just sit back and watch yours progress. Hope you get it done in time for Christmas!

  8. Congrats on your finish! It is adorable.

    I love your new starts :)

  9. Cute ornie finish. :D

    Starts look great too.


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