Thursday 27 September 2012

Les Miserable - the movie

Is anyone else obsessed? I have only just watched the trailer and it looks amazing. Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway, Amanda Seyfried, Russell Crowe, Helena Bonham Carter, Hugh Jackman ( I know I said this twice!)

The cast list is just stunning! But to make it even better they are singing LIVE! No pre-recording.  They are amazing actors and the singing sounds amazing! Anyway I can't have a post without videos so here is the trailer for you to see for yourself!

Also a bit more information and some interviews from the cast

I will say right now that I LOVE Hugh Jackman. Not only is he Australian but he is a stunning actor, and singer. I saw him live when he did Boy from Oz the musical he would have been 10 metres away singing I still call Australia home. It was stunning. I am crazy about him. But the cast for this is stunning. So many big names that I love. I'm not sure I want to wait until Boxing Day! (day after Christmas)

So tell me what you think of the first look at this movie!



  1. That looks really good and I like Hugh Jackman too. Who doesn't?

  2. Usually I don't like 'singing films' but this one promises to be exceptional !
    first it's an amazing French novel =)
    I loved 'Moulin Rouge' and it seems it will the same kind of film
    Russel Crowe I love him very much too
    And Hugh Jackman words =)
    Thank you for sharing
    Want to be at Xmas now
    big hugs

  3. I'm not obsessed but I might go see it hey, there's Hugh Jackman a serious piece of eye candy right there!

    I did see the Musical when it came to our National Art Center almost 15 years ago. I had poor, student tickets and its the one show I've always wanted to see again but has never come back!

  4. I read the novel long ago but have never seen the musical as I'm not really fond of musicals. But as a film with so much eye candy (Russel Crowe and Hugh Jackman) in it, it will be different, lol. I'll certainly watch it.


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