Wednesday, 5 December 2012

I Finally Finished Finished Something

So it took me a year since I finished these in January. I even had them made up into their biscornus at that time. All I needed to do was put the ribbon on so that they could be hung up on the Christmas tree. It took me a year to bother to spend about an hour and a half on finishing the ten biscornus but now they have pride of place on MY Christmas tree. They are my treat for myself.

And some close ups!
I also have got some stitching done :D I kept working on Winter Fairy. This one is just calling me at the moment :D


Happy Stitching :D


  1. It's amazing how we can spend so much time on something and then put of the last little bit. They look great:)

  2. Wow they looking so sweet..
    Beautifully stitching progress..
    Love for you x

  3. They make beautiful tree ornaments, you could display them on a stand all year round.

  4. They're very pretty and elegant, well done. Nice going on the fairy too.

  5. Beautiful ornaments! I always put off the final finishing steps too.

  6. What beautiful ornaments Caitlin. They turned out great. Winter Fairy is looking good.


  7. They look lovely, isn't it nice to finish something especially when it's actually for you?!
    Wow, your Winter Fairy looks like she's going to be beautiful.


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