Friday 7 December 2012


OMG That movie was amazing. Now if you don't like musicals or movies with a lot of singing this one is not for you.

Now for everyone else, this movie starts with a competition. The singers are competing at the nationals when everything goes wrong.

Fast forward to next year where the girls have only two singers left. They have to create a whole new group. Although it follows the whole group the main character is Becca a feisty girl who is exactly where she doesn't want to be. She gets forced to interact with other people, and in the process does her best to push them all away. It follows her journey from a loner to part of the group.

Now the best part of this movie is not the story it is the music. The singing is awesome! A whole pile of amazing singers doing a Capella. I love choirs singing so there was no doubt I would enjoy this when they turn around and have an ALL MALE GROUP! The girls are good but the guys are amazing. I love listening to guys singing together. The Bass is awesome. Also the songs are really interesting and always changing.

So if you want a good night out with awesome music I would highly recommend going to see pitch perfect.

Oh and the number of very funny and stereotypical Australian character is quite funny. Fat Amy is hilarious with her talk about crocodiles and dingos. We all wrestle them!

Oh and one of my favourite songs, that I can get the video for as they remix a song to make it actually sound interesting.

Enjoy the movie


  1. very nice..thank you for sharing..
    have a lovely weekend x

  2. I totally agree with you! I went to see this movie with my 14 year old daughter and didn't know what to expect. The theatre was FULL of high school age girls, and I had as much fun listening to them laughing throughout the movie as I did watching the movie itself! It's one of the few movies I've seen in a while that was worth the money.

  3. I'm glad you loved the movie! My parents saw this too, but from the title, they were expecting to see a movie about baseball. LOL. My dad kept waiting for the baseball to start and there was just a lot of singing, he said! Hahaha!!

  4. Oh Caitlin, I love Rebel (Fat Amy) but it's due to characters like her and the infamous (cringe) Crocodile Dundee that the international crowd get a weird view about what we are about, here down under!! She is so funny though, I'm proud of her. She was doing little sketches in a comedy show called "Pizza" in Oz and next thing she's in Bridesmaids and well known in the US. I hope she stays down to earth though and doesn't get too full of herself, which would be a shame. She's pretty cool. xoxo


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