Saturday 2 March 2013

WIPocalypse and Ornaments #2

I am making a big combined post as I have been thoroughly distracted and not feeling the best this past week. But I have been going to the doctors so hopefully all will be well soon. But on a happier note I finally have a WIPocalypse update and an ornament update.

Since last Wipocalypse I have been working a lot on Winter Fairy.

Here is what it looked like in January.

Now it looks like this.
Bit by bit I'm slowly getting there with this one.

I also did a very small bit on Afternoon Tea. I haven't found the energy to concentrate on this one.
Last month:
Now I have one more column of 10 completed.

Since I took this photo a couple of hours ago I have filled that little missing circle. Here is a close up of this months work.
I really hope to finish the last column and a half this month but we shall see. The best laid plans of mice and all.

I also have put in a bit of work on one of my gingerbread men. The red one if you can't tell. This is one of my crazy January challenge projects.

I had fun this week and painted my nails all pretty. On my gingerbread man I have a lot more to do, but I am almost there. Bit by bit I will get there.

I'm going to stop rambling now and get back to my stitching ... or maybe I might read some more.... I have been reading Robert Jordan's wheel of time series and I only have 3 more left to go so that does steal stitching time as well.

Happy Stitching,


  1. You're making great progress! Lovely stitchings!

  2. You are doing really well! Great stitching :)

  3. The Winter Fairy is looking gorgeous, nice work! x

  4. They look great Caitlin.


  5. All of your wips look great! I love the fabric and the colours of the Winter fairy, and the gingerbread is so cute too :)

  6. Your stitching looks wodnerful =)

  7. Between stitching and the rest of life, there just isn't enough time in the day!

  8. Your big designs are gorgeous! Gingerbread man is so cute!

  9. Gorgeous stitching on all your projects - I hope that you feel better soon.

    cheers, Kaye

  10. The winter fairy looks so nice. I finished the summer one some time ago, and since this morning I started the autumn one :)


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