Thursday 24 October 2013

Design Software

Dear knowledgeable peeps!

Ohk that sounds stuffy but I really need some help. I know I've asked something like this before but I am actually serious about selling stuff now.

I have created a series of little designs for christmas and of various animals that I want to put on etsy to sell. It's the set of designs that I use to teach kids because they're simple and have very little involved. I have been using KG Stitch to design them but I hate the way it presents them and I have to way to save them as PDFs. So before I go out and spend heeps of money on a better program I want to find out which one is better and which one will let me save in the right format without looking silly!

So please anyone out there who has done any designing I want to be able to design cross stitch and basic embroidery stitches. Then save it in a PDF form or at least a form that looks good.

Thank you so much,

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  1. I wish I could help! I've been through exhaustive searches in the past for cross stitch software for my own personal use. My personal favorite is Hobbyware's Pattern Maker, but it does not save in PDF format. But I do find it to be the easiest to use and get the best color matching results. On the rare occasion when I've made something for someone, I just direct them to the website where they can download a free app that will let them read the pattern. But I know that's not what you're looking for.

    I find the PCStitch (the really popular one) is very un-user friendly and there are real issues with their color matching.


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