Thursday 17 October 2013

Awesome Mail

In August I ordered the millenium frame from needle needs and it finally arrived last week! I was so excited!

Though looking at the packaging they managed to send it to the wrong unit despite clearly saying unit 1 fed ex didn't bother to read that part. It got sent to unit 3 because they were home I think. 

 All my beautifully wrapped parcels. :-D

And my frames all unwrapped! They look so lovely :-D I ran late that afternoon because I had to take the time to put my cross stitch on the frames!!!

I haven't worked much on afternoon tea because I didn't like the way it held in my old frame but now I'm so excited!

I still haven't managed to find a permanent job but I have had some relief teaching days though these are just confirming that I don't want to continue to teach at the moment but it's good money for the moment. It keeps things going.

Happy Stitching Everyone :-D


  1. What fun. Happy stitching!

  2. Wow look at all the pretties. I can imagine how excited you were. Have fun.

  3. what a great package to get.

  4. What a great frame...enjoy! Good luck finding a new job.

  5. Great looking frame Caitlin.


  6. I completely understand your excitement! I felt the same way when mine arrived. It's the best frame ever and I've pretty much tried every kind of frame out there. Good luck with all your stitching and I hope you find your dream job really soon!
    Take care stunner
    xoxo Alicia

  7. I love my Millenium frame and I hope you will enjoy yours, too ;-)
    I'm looking forward to see more of Afternoon Tea soon =)

  8. Wishing you lots of fun with your new toy and another one looking forward to seeing more of Afternoon Tea!


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