Monday 16 June 2014

The week that wasn't sewing but was knitting

Well it's been that sort of week. I haven't been feeling the best with something up with a minor cold and sinus infection that was making me super dizzy. I'm feeling better this week but I hope it doesn't come back! I'm eating so much vitamin C it hopefully shouldn't.

I managed to finish a pair of mittens. I finished one a couple of weeks ago but then it's been sitting there very lonely for a while, because although the pattern was great to work with and very easy to read and quite easy to do because they are entrelac they are annoying when I'm working on double pointed needles and constantly turning back and forth. I would however make these again as they have been great fun to do (despite how annoying they felt)

They are a gorgeous deep purple and a lime green but they are looking more blue in some of these photos. I found the pattern on Ravelry by searching entrelac handwarmers or I did put the project up in my finished projects my ravelry name is mangogirl88.

It's fun to try out new techniques and I already have a 2nd pair of fingerless mittens on the go using a different pattern but these are kids size so I don't keep losing my gorgeous purple ones to a little girl :D

I know everyone that I'm late with a dress-a-long post. This is coming soon hopefully I've been very lazy when it comes to sewing and with the house hunting and all that stress I haven't been able to settle to cut out the fabric. It will happen just nothing is happening quickly. I'm sorry.


  1. Wow! These are AWESOME!!

  2. They're wicked Caitlin. Love them! I should give Entrelac a go one day. I bought a book on it months ago but have yet to put it into action. You've inspired me to dig it out at least LOL!
    xo Alicia


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