Wednesday 23 July 2014

Life is getting back on track

It's a funny thing to say but I feel like everything is starting to fall back into normal again not sitting out there in crazy land.

  1. We have a new place and we are all moved out of the old place so I'm no longer spending my time going to inspections and putting in applications and constantly cleaning to get everything right. I got so sick of seeing forms and then would dread looking at my messages and emails just expecting that rejection again. Though the worst were the ones that weren't rejections they just never bothered to respond even with a generic sorry you weren't successful to my email. 

  2. Having now moved the house itself is generally unpacked so we aren't living in a mess but I still need to work on the kids bedrooms and my wardrobe..... 

  3. My trip to New Zealand is over. I had an awesome time but by gosh it came at the worst time stress wise. We moved house the day before I left for New Zealand so we were just a little bit rushed. 

  4. The wedding is over! Not mine I'm not planning to get married anytime soon but my partners sister got married 2 days drive away from home so two days there and two days back with two kids in the car is not my idea of fun. Nor is all the drama that seems to go along with weddings why do they seem to bring out the worst in people?

So now that this is all over the stress is settled and I can begin to stress a little bit less and be less of a pain in the butt to my family. Because I'm stressing less and life will start to settle and I will be home more to be able to post regularly I am going to get into a regular routine with posting. I want to and intend to start a number of regular posts and I have lots of ideas and projects that I want to show you that just get shoved to the side because it's easier. Stress isn't my friend but I am going to make an effort now to not let it get to me too badly. It should be easier to handle since life is more settled.

Well Happy stitching everyone and keep looking for the regularly scheduled program to start again as soon as I can.

p.s. I will be starting my dress-a-long again and actually doing it as soon as I have settled everything.


  1. Good to hear things are settling. Looking forward to getting back into the dress a long. I have to admit I haven't gone too far with my own, just prep the fabric and pinned all the pieces. I must get them cut out now and maybe post Monday :)

  2. Glad to hear things are settling down for you. I will look forward to seeing how your dress is coming on. xx


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