Wednesday 12 November 2014

WIP Wednesday 12/11

I will start by saying that not much has been achieved since last week but that is mainly because I haven't really had much time. It's been a CRAZY busy weekend and between my assignment (which is finally finished and successful) and life in general stitching/knitting/crochet isn't happening very much.

That said I did visit spotlight yesterday and got myself some more cross stitch needles plus a couple of other goodies.

I've become obsessed with alphabet stamps since Monday when I went out and bought the pack on the left from riot and then yesterday I went to spotlight and got the set of acrylic ones. I've been having all sorts of fun with them today making up different words and making them look pretty.

 I made this small journal all the way back in April and I had to put a title on it today. It was a great way to use my stamps. I used instructions to make this from A Beautiful Mess. My post about it can be found here. But it's still a WIP because I need to use the hole punch on the inside paper then tie it all up with a pretty ribbon.

I have been knitting a little I decided to have some fun with a basket weave pattern. It is really simple to do and I had to mix it up a little by throwing in some different colours. It looks so pretty.

I have also finished my cloth from Friday but I haven't finish finished it. Sewing in those ends just takes WAY too long! Or maybe it's just sewing in threads always takes way longer than the task should.

Happy Stitching,


  1. Nice projects Caitlin. I really like the round cloth.


  2. Great projects. I agree with sewing in ends. Such a pain :)


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