Friday 21 August 2015

My Sister's New Planner

Now I have been umming and ahhing about making one of these for weeks. The problem partly being I couldn't find a good tutorial online (They all had raw edges on fabric) and partly because I couldn't see myself using one. I still can't really seeing myself using one but I do love it and I know someone who will.

Lets go back a couple of weeks where I was chasing my sister up about what she wants in a planner and the following conversation ensued.

Do you like this planner? (my A5 one) no it's too big. Well what do you like/need?

DO you need daily pages? Weekly pages? What do you need to write while out and about?

All these questions led me towards something very portable and smaller that she can put daily layouts in to keep track of her tasks but also an overview. On top of that she is an architect so grid paper to draw and sketch on while out is also an awesome idea.

Now the very reason I don't like the travellers notebook size is the reason my sister loved it. I got caught up researching how to make the inserts (surprisingly easy) and I made them up for my sister.

 Then after making the inserts I sat staring for a while and looking up tutorials for how to make a midori but nothing really made sense to me. Then I was on the quilting group I'm a part of and they were talking about the new One Thimble magazine and the stichidori tutorial. I knew the tutorial was coming out I just didn't know when and then it felt like fate.

This meant a trip to the fabric store on Monday and then I trip to spotlight on Tuesday for the wadding and elastic. By Tuesday afternoon I had finished!!! It didn't really take long and I was highly motivated to finish.

Doesn't it look pretty :D I love these fabrics.

So did anyone get close with their guess?

Happy Stitching,

I really hope she likes it!!!!


  1. Not even a bit close! That's really pretty and useful.

  2. What a lovely mini planner. The colours are beautiful.


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